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Friday, February 23, 2018

Ghost Wolf by Hurri Cosmo 💕 Book Tour & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (M/M Wolf Shifter Romance)

Hi, my name is Trevor. I’m a wolf shifter. I say that like I know what I’m talking about. I don’t. I was simply running off a ton of steam one day when I was about eleven and bam! Okay, not quite that easy or fast but it happened when I was young and stupid. I’m also gay. I say that like I know what I’m talking about with that too. I simply don’t.

I’m grown up now and living in the big city which has me too busy to much care about either one of those things. I get out and run my wolf when I can, trying like hell to stay out of the local pack’s territories. Belonging to a “family” just sounds like too much work. I honestly don’t have time for such things. Besides, I was told when I was young the color of my wolf was all wrong. Too silver I guess. Metallic. I thought it looked cool in the full moon. “An Alpha would kill ya soon as look at ya.” My grandpa used to say. Course he wasn't my real grandpa. Just an old man who lived down the street. But he was a shifter too and I thought he knew it all. He probably knew diddly shit either but a guy can’t be too careful.

So romance? Way off the radar.

But then someone started killing wolves. Started leaving lined up broken bodies all in a nice little row next to the high school in my home town and it got me to thinking. If a shifter is killed in his or her wolf state, does he/she stay that way? Were these dead wolves like me?

I had to see what I could do. Kind of like a super hero. Oh yeah. Probably forgot to tell you this. I can turn invisible.

Yep, Ghost Wolf to the rescue.

Eight helpful tips for becoming a better writer
by Hurri Cosmo

To be fair, these are eight things I have identified as being helpful for ME. But I also think these are things that are generic enough that some version of each will be helpful for you, too. They are in no specific order or importance.
Be yourself. I have made the mistake of really liking the style of certain authors and I have tried to mimic that. Nope. Don’t do it. It will end up showing in your work and honestly, you may not like how it looks on you. It’s like choosing a fragrance. What smells wonderful on someone else may not be great on you. So how do you “be yourself”? Start by liking yourself. A few key elements in that is to be GOOD to yourself. Listen to you, forgive you, be okay with where you are. Even if you are staring at that dreaded blank screen.
Figure out what works best for you with this story. Do you use an outline? Do you need a synopsis? A clear ending? Do you start with the climax of the story and build from there? Whatever it is that works, do it. But remember that it may not be what works for you next time. Just as your stories change, so will you with them.
Research. Yep. Not a four letter word but it may just as well be. It is totally not the fun part of writing, at least it isn’t for me. But you have to do it. You cannot know everything and that’s okay! In fantasy worlds you can make stuff up, but not in a real world story. Get the facts. Always, always do the research.
Re-read. And re-re-read. And re-re-re-read. Why? To make sure everything is still flowing. You also catch things, like typos and grammar errors and plot holes.
Allow your characters to grow and take on life. But beware. They will oftentimes take off in directions you had no clue they would. It happens to me all the time. That is when you know your story has life, too. Because now the characters have control and you just go along for the ride.
Show, don’t tell. Yeah, I know. Everyone says that. But it’s important. There are large sweeping ways to do this but some of the simple ways that are not overwhelming are using different words for the word “look”. For instance, instead of writing “He looked at me and I could tell he was mad, so much so, I felt a shiver chase down my spine.” Try “He glared at me, sheer hatred in his gaze, and I felt a shiver chase down my spine.” Sometimes little changes take on big life. In fact, go back through your manuscript and change as many of the word “look” as you can into something else, like gaze, glare, glance, whatever the emotion is you are trying to convey. You will see a huge difference.
Same thing for the word “said”. With the elimination of the word said you can deliver a more powerful story. For example, if you want to have a character say something in anger try using the word snarled, hissed or growled. So instead of “Get out!” John said, it is much more powerful when you change it to “Get out!” John roared.
Here’s a very good tip I learned AGAIN just recently. Reviews, especially bad reviews, can often seem cruel, crushing, and cause you to question why you are putting your work out there. Some will tell you that you can learn from these bad reviews. What I learned is to stay away from them. If you feel you must at least see if they just might be constructive, might help you hone your craft, have someone else filter them for you. Here is what a brilliant writer friend told me, “Some people will love your book, some people will hate your book, most people will just like your book. But at the end of the day, you will have still done something millions of people have not, YOU WROTE A BOOK!”
Happy writing!

“Do you… belong to a pack?” I asked.
“Of course. I’m the Alpha. We are three hundred and sixty strong and have been in this area for three generations. The wood, the one where you… um, how should I put this… left your calling card in several places… is mine, too.” He readjusted again, edging closer. “You?”
I could feel the hard blush rush up my neck and sting my cheeks. I couldn’t stop it. But then I saw the edges of Ryan’s mouth go up as well, in what could have been a smile. He was obviously enjoying making me squirm. “I don’t have a pack and I’m not going to join yours. I know what happens, especially to Omegas. My grandpa told me.”
“Omega? You’re an Omega? How do you know if you don’t belong to a pack?”
“I’ve been told by someone because of my… stature… and color, I was an Omega.”
“Color? Wait. Who told you all this shit?”
I took a step toward the door. If I could get out the door, I could shift on the stairs and be out the front entrance in less than a half a minute. But, of course, I ran the risk of someone seeing me. For the second time that day I wished I had my damn ring. First thing after all of this I was going to get the ring back on. For now, though, I could outrun this guy, especially since he would be moments behind me even shifting. “Someone…”
Ryan rose from the chair. “Who?”
I hesitated now that he was on his feet. I met that beautiful blue gaze and all I wanted to do was walk toward the man, not run away from him. “A guy by the name of Keith… somebody.” Figures. I couldn’t remember his last name. Turned out I didn’t have to.
“Keith Karlack? You’ve been with Keith Karlack? You’re kidding me!” Ryan took two large strides and grabbed my biceps in his iron grip again. Shit. That escape plan was blown all to hell. “What did he do to you? Did he… fuck you?” His hands went to the waist of my pants and his fingers dipped inside, a possible intent to pull them down. I wasn’t sure what he thought he would find concerning anything about Keith by doing that, but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to allow it.
“What the fuck?” I shouted as I batted his hands away and pushed him hard. This time he fell back due to my effort and not due to his being any kind of a gentleman listening to the word ‘no’. “Are you serious? He did not fuck me! Why would you even ask something like that? Even if he had, it would be none of your fucking business.” I kicked out as hard as I could and got Ryan right in the shin. Fuck, I was mad.
Shocked, Ryan grabbed his injured leg and hopped back another couple steps. “Ouch! What the hell are you doing?”
“You fucking jerk! Get out of my house! What right do you have breaking in here anyway? Get out!”
“Yeah, that’s right. I broke in! But you’re the one who went trying to mark up my woods! You’re the fucker who tried claiming something that wasn’t yours and you don’t even have a fucking pack?”
“And I don’t want one! Now get out!”
Ryan narrowed his blue eyes again. “Fine. I’ll get out. I honestly have to take care of something before we can do this, anyway.” He motioned between the two of us with his hand then put both hands on his hips. “Actually, I need to take care of someone.” He glared back at me. “But you and I are fated to be together. You need to understand that right now! That means you belong to me! Not Keith! You stay away from him.” He strode toward the door, those thick thighs moving that large bulge in the front of his pants from side to side. Damn, I wanted to taste that, my own arousal taking back over my body. I suddenly realized where my gaze had wandered and quickly blinked back up to Ryan’s face. He was flushed. “Don’t tease me. I will take you right here and now.” His voice was gruff and rumbly.
My heart thrilled. Yes! Take me! But that was just my wolf and my dick trying hard to take over my brain. Luckily, I was still pissed. “Like I’d let you.” I glared hard at him.
Once again, the man’s countenance relaxed. “I suppose we can do this right.” He closed his eyes for a moment and when they came back open I could tell he was back under control. “I, as Alpha, need to do this right. First Amanda, then you. Expect me to call on you tomorrow night.” And he was gone.
Amanda? Who the fuck was Amanda?
And call on me? Are you kidding me? Like what, a fucking date?


Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori 💕 Book Tour & eBook Giveaway 💕 (LGBTQ+ Romance)

Bri and Siera are young women with huge hearts and strong wills; they want nothing more than to find a peaceful and secure space to be, a place that fulfills their needs and gives them the freedom to be themselves. But the world is a harsh place for anyone who is different.
Bri’s Aunt Olivia is a vet with a thriving practice. She is set in her ways, single and surviving, channeling her emotions into her work and her love of Bri.
Siera has a supportive but silent father, an overpowering helicopter mom, plus her Aunt Deb who adores her.
Despite their individual battles against hurt, prejudice and rejection, can these four women find love against the odds?

Olivia had propped herself up in her bed to read a little bit before falling asleep, when her smartphone buzzed on the side table. She picked up the phone and smiled when she read the text.

Hey, Miss Sex Therapist.
Any more questions from your niece tonight :)

Ha, ha, ha. You could have stepped in to help…

Oh no, you were doing a bang-up job. Why would I want to interject and ruin your perfect answers?

You’re evil

I had fun today. When are we going to take our new bikes out for their maiden journey?

Do you work next weekend?

I do…frowning.

I suppose I could do a short ride mid-week.

How does Wednesday sound?

Good. Can we leave from the clinic?

Sure, I’ll meet you there at 5:30? 6:00?

I’ll close early. How about 5:00?

Perfect. Sweet dreams. Can I pick your brain about kissing techniques on Wednesday? I might learn something…

Stop flirting and go to sleep

Goodnight beautiful

Olivia was smiling, as she placed the phone back on the nightstand. A little innocent flirtation wouldn’t hurt, would it?
She set her tablet next to her phone and slid down into her soft bed. Damn that woman is almost irresistible. That was her last thought, as she drifted off into a deep sleep and dreamed about riding around the lake with Deb.

Love and War: Volume One by Charisse Spier 💕 Book Blitz, FREE eBook & Gift Card Giveaway 💕(Contemporary Romance)

Note from the author: This is a Dark Romance. If you do not like dark themes this book may not be for you. Suitable for audiences 18+ due to content.

The f*cking lights. They are all I can remember. Everywhere I turn I see them. They haunt my dreams, and now my reality. She liked the lights. I do remember that. It was part of her life, and in turn a part of mine, until the day I forgot it all.

They say your childhood paves the way to adulthood, and maybe it does. I know mine was lit up in flames. I walked the roads of Hell until I figured out that the only way to survive was to exist under a cloak of darkness—to deal with the devil himself. It was the only way to escape the pain, the torment. But the nightmares are still very real. They’ll never leave me alone. The shadows of solitude follow me wherever I go.

Weapons—they can be anything I need them to be. Unlike people in my life, they are predictable, dependable. Without any effort they can cause so much destruction, but also so much peace. Through the internal chaos, the anger that won’t cease, and the constant noise, everything is silenced with the pull of the trigger.

Ink—I’ve loved it since I can remember. It defines me. It’s my release. When I feel like I’m about to blow I turn to the needle. It is the one high I need. I brand people. It’s what I do. Kross Brannon is the best there is when it comes to tattoos. The success of my company proves it.

But I never teach. Those that work for me learn from someone else. I’m a solo artist. Always have been and always will be…but then I looked up and saw her, standing in my shop, beautiful, tattooed, and her soul screaming for me to reach out. She was a force of nature I couldn’t turn away.

That’s the moment everything started falling into place…

I group my tips together and fold them in half. I'll count them later. Right now I just want to take these shoes off my feet. Dancing in stilettos sucks. They were not intended to be worn for extreme activities. Then again, maybe they were. I prefer chucks, high tops . . . Hell, anything flat. These are more Lux's style.
I'm sweating; burning up, even though I know Chuck keeps it cold in here. Keeps the nipples out, he said, and nipples make the customers happy. I roll my eyes at the memory of that conversation from my first night. I thought he was 'the shit' back then. My way out of a shitty, unwanted existence. A way to live on my own. And it was . . . Until I wanted better for myself.
My thighs and calves are burning. I'm ready to go home and shower, to crawl into bed with a movie in the background as I fall asleep, but unfortunately that won't happen anytime soon for me. I still have another set later.
I walk into my dressing room and shut the door. "Lock it."
I nearly jump out of my skin at the sound of his voice, my hand immediately snaking over my breasts to cover them. Reflexively I lock it without questioning him. His tone is a little . . . harsher than usual, and his irritation is nothing new to those that work for him.
I look at him sitting in my chair, hunched over, legs spread wide with his elbows to his thighs, holding a lighter between them—my lighter, in fact. In a hypnotic rhythm he strikes it, causing the flame to emerge before letting it go. He's looking at it and not at me, as if he's trying to cool some sort of fury inside of him. My heart begins to race. I can feel my pulse beating along every passage in my body. My nerves spark like two wires being touched together with opposite charges. My oxygen tries to recede back into my lungs. I force the words out. "Kross . . . What are you doing here?"
He looks up at me, a cold, stone-like demeanor present, emotion absent. The words come out as controlled as he is. "Come here."
His eyes look different—determined, angry maybe. My feet automatically move toward him. I should stay where I am, but instead, I quickly tread across the floor to where he sits. The second I get to him he stands and grabs my neck so fast I can barely blink between movements. He forces me to sit on top of my vanity, head against the mirror as he comes between my legs. "What the fuck are you doing here?"
I grab his wrist as a reflex. "Kross, I'm working."
He looks down my almost-naked body, his judgment cutting into me like a serrated edged knife. If I didn't already feel like trash I would with just that look. "I can see that. What happened to the damn bar, Delta?"
He's seething. Fear sets in. Little to nothing scares me. I've worked for him for a while now. I've seen him on a daily basis and in many different moods. I've never heard this tone before. It's bordering on psychotic. And his eyes. What's wrong with his eyes? His grip tightens, but still not enough to hurt me in ways I can't take or cut off my air. Because even though he's holding me in a way that most would deem abusive, no bone in my body feels like he would physically hurt me. The only thing my mind can process is the fact that he's close, and that he's touching me in a way I've wanted him to since I laid eyes on him. He's looking at me like I'm his, like he's angry with me. I stare into his eyes, unable to look away even though I can't read them. "Answer me."

Playing for Forever by J.C. Grant 💕 New Release & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Erotic Romance)

When our two damaged souls came together, something explosive happened.

Something uncontrollable.

Something undeniable.

Our love was intense, irrational, possessive and consuming. We didn’t live or love by socities rules. We made our own, living in our own world.

Slaves to our needs.

We were so wrapped up in each other, so blinded by lust, love and obsession, we couldn’t see the struggles ahead.

Can we fight to stay together … or will we tear each other apart?

Rurik by Lauren Smith 💕 New Release & Gift Card Giveaway 💕 (Dragon Shifter Romance)

A dragon’s prisoner…or his deepest desire?

The fiercest of a royal line of Russian dragon shifters, Rurik Barinov spends most days defending his family’s homeland from rival clans. By night, sins of the flesh—drinking, dancing, and sex—keep his volatile warrior dragon in check. Barely.

With his choice of mortal women to bed, he has no interest in changing his bad-boy ways—until a creature of molten sex poured into a tiny red satin dress steps into his nightclub. A jagged edge of raw desire nicks the impenetrable armor around his heart.

Charlotte MacQueen has been told since childhood to stay in school, live a normal life. Leave the family business—hunting down dragons—to her brothers. But tonight, she’s shed her chemist’s lab coat and infiltrated enemy lines to bag a dragon of her own.

She never expected sexy, all-too-wicked Rurik Barinov to capture her, body and soul—the perfect weapon to use against her brothers. Or that she’d fall for the brave, battle-scarred dragon shifter who covets her heart like the most precious of jewels.