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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dangerous Passions: 12 Tales of Contemporary Sexy Hot Alpha Heroes ♥ Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Multi-Genre Romance)

Dangerous Passions: 12 Tales of Contemporary Sexy Hot Alpha Heroes — Cops, Navy SEALs, Marines, Military, FBI Agents, Secret Agents, Police Captains, Spies, and More

A romance multi-author box set and romantic suspense collections and anthologies of action and adventure, contemporary romance, military romance, romantic thriller, and sexy romance.

11 by Kylie Brant, National Bestselling Author: Five years after escaping from The Collector Mia Deleon stops hiding and teams up with security expert Jude Bishop to track her former captor. Jude’s efforts to help Mia are complicated by the growing attraction between them. Because their race to trail the sexual sadist brings Mia ever closer to the man determined to see his collection finally complete….

DANGEROUS CURVES by Nina Bruhns, New York Times Bestselling Author: A spec ops transporter for STORM Corps takes on drones, bad guys, and car chases on the coast of Italy—and falls for a beautiful scientist whose curves are far more dangerous than the road!

IN TOO DEEP by Opal Carew, New York Times Bestselling Author: Angel has been deep undercover in the mob for far too long. Four years ago, she was forced to betray the only man she ever loved. He barely got away with his life, and now he hates her. Too bad they’ve been partnered to work together. As man and wife.

SEAL’S EMBRACE by Elle James, New York Times Bestselling Author: Injured Navy SEAL and the critical care nurse he’s attempting to woo join forces to stop a terrorist attack at a military hospital in Germany.

BRIDGER’S LAST STAND by Linda Winstead Jones, New York Times Bestselling Author: When a one night stand makes Frannie a witness to murder and puts her in danger, Detective Malcolm Bridger refuses to let her out of his sight until the murderer is caught.

FLASH FIRE by Elle Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author: Navy SEAL Cash McCoy knows all about danger, but when it comes to the love of his life, this alpha soldier does everything in his power to keep Jen Scott happy and safe. When the tables are turned and Jen places herself in harm’s way for her job, Cash must learn to trust the woman he loves…or lose her forever.

INTO DANGER by Gennita Low, New York Times Bestselling Author: Navy SEAL, Steve McMillan, has been pulled from his team to work with CIA’s Task Force Two, where he’s assigned to deal with the “world’s most glamorous assassin.” Marlena Maxwell proves to be as seductive and dangerous as her reputation as the assignment becomes a game of cross and double-cross. Into Danger is the winner of RT Book Reviews’ Best Romantic Intrigue.

EMBATTLED HEARTS by J.M. Madden, New York Times Bestselling Author: For the first time in years former Marine John Palmer has met a woman that makes him feel like the man he used to be, before his catastrophic injury. When a stalker threatens her, it’s his job to remove the threat. Why does the possibility of having his heart destroyed scare him more than taking on a killer?

DEATHTRAP by Dana Marton, New York Times Bestselling Author: The only woman he could ever love, has a secret he could never forgive.

SHADOW OF THE HAWK by Julie Miller, USA Today Bestselling Author: A Marine whose soul is tortured by his mystical abilities puts his life—and heart—on the line to rescue a Plain Jane school teacher and her students from an archaeological field trip gone horribly wrong.

IMPOSTER by Karen Fenech, USA Today Bestselling Author: Chemist Dr. Eve Collins, wrongly accused by the CIA of developing a chemical weapon, learns someone has set her up as a scapegoat. That “someone” wants her dead.

STRONGER THAN SIN by Caridad Piñeiro, New York Times Bestselling Author: To save his family’s life, he must risk losing the woman with whom he is falling in love.
From Stronger Than Sin by Caridad Piñeiro

Jesse wasn’t in his bed when she walked into the room.
Closing the door and locking it behind her, she glanced around the large suite and noticed that he was out on the balcony that faced the beachfront.
Striding toward him, she stopped to put down the bag of take-out she had brought on a low coffee table in a sitting area near the windows and French doors leading to the balcony. She had dropped by her parents’ place again, received another helping of her mother’s soup and other goodies intended to help Jesse feel better.
While she wasn’t sure that there was any medical basis for thinking the food might assist, she knew that mentally it did her a world of good. It reminded her of her roots and the love her family had for her. Something Jesse seemed to have lacked, which saddened her.
Jesse, she thought, staring at his back as he stood facing the ocean. A strong wind was blowing westward, ruffling the shorter strands of his hair.
She hadn’t had a chance to tell him that she liked the change – the shorter hair and clean shaven face.
She wondered if had done it for her which caused a skitter in her midsection along with warmth farther below that he had cared enough to do it.
She had come to discover that about him. Despite all the tabloid gossip and bad boy antics, he cared about others. His sister. Mother. Possibly even the father that denied his existence.
Maybe even her.
She laid her hand over her fluttering midsection and walked to the French door. He seemed distant, a solitary figure looking almost lost against the vastness of the ocean before him.
Not wanting to intrude without welcome, she rapped on the glass door and waited for his reception.
He turned, his face grim and set in sharply chiseled lines. They relaxed somewhat as he saw her, grabbed the handle of the door and slid it open.
She stepped out onto the balcony and he closed the door behind them.
The wind increased the chill of a day that was quickly fading to night. Intense reds and purples painted the sky and the ocean had darkened to slate grey with the arrival of night.
“Cold,” she said and wrapped her arms around herself. Even though she still had on her winter jacket, the wind seeped beneath the wool, which made her wonder how he stood there in nothing but fleece sweats braving the wind. Once again staring out at the ocean. The white of the bandage at his temple a glaring contrast to his skin in the dim dusk.
“Aren’t you cold?” she asked and patted her arms to try and generate some heat.
He hunched his shoulders, shot her a half glance. “I wasn’t sure you’d come back.”
“I said I would. I needed to see how you’re doing.”
He gave another shrug, seemingly indifferent except she sensed undercurrents beneath. Dangerous ones.
“I’m here. I’m alive. Consider your obligation fulfilled.”
A self-defense mechanism? she wondered. Push her away --push what he was feeling away – in order to keep from being hurt?
Only as she had discovered after pouring her heart out to Carmen, it was no easy thing to keep him at bay. Somehow he had touched her. Infiltrated those areas she had thought safe.
Trying to shore up her defenses, she beckoned toward the bag of food on the table within. “I brought food. I thought you might be hungry.”
Some emotion finally cracked the stern lines of his face. A hint of a smile and glitter in eyes that had gone to slate grey. He took a long stride toward her, until barely inches separated them. Laying a hand at her waist, he bracketed her side with it, sending her insides quivering.
Jesse glanced down at her, sensing the tremor in her body.
She was as aware of him as he was of her. At his touch, her gaze had gone wide, revealing eyes that were nearly black with desire. When she moistened her lips, the last of his restraint disappeared.
He bent his head, whispered against her lips. “I’m hungry, but not for food.”
Then he closed the distance and kissed her. Dug his hand into her hair while he kept her from running with his other hand on her waist. There was a stutter, maybe a half-hearted protest against his mouth before she was answering his kiss, moving her lips against his. Slipping her arms around his back to press him tight.
Over and over their lips met until Liliana opened her mouth and invited him in.
He went willingly, lost in his emotions, needing so much more.
He slipped his one hand to the buttons on her coat, undid them and eased beneath the wool and her suit jacket to place his hand on her side. Her body was warm, the cotton of her shirt slick beneath his palm as he trailed upward until he was cupping her breast.
She moaned into his mouth. Needy. Hungry.
Unerringly, he shifted his thumb across the tip of her breast. Her nipple was hard and as he took it between his thumb and forefinger, she gasped and pulled away from him.
“Jesse,” she said and disappointment arose within him.
But then she said, “The bed’s inside.”
Sweet lord, he thought, swept her up into his arms, somehow slid open the French door and closed it against the chill before stalking with her to his bed.
He released her, allowing her to slide across his body as she returned to her feet again.
So many thoughts went through his head as she pressed against him, reached up and ran her hand through the short strands of his hair. So many thoughts that suddenly came spewing from his mouth.
“Bruno – “
“Is downstairs eating.”
“He may come up after – “
“I locked the door on the way in.” She raked her fingers through the shorter strands of his hair and gave a sexy half-smile, but it turned into a frown as her fingers encountered the gauze at his temple.
“They might have killed you,” she said, concern and anger warring in her gaze.
“They didn’t and I’m here, wanting you.”
“Why me, Jesse? You must have had your share – “
He placed his finger on her lips. “That’s in the past. I’m not that man anymore. Maybe I never was.”
Her gaze narrowed as she considered his statement, but relaxed as she said, “Fame didn’t change the real you.”
“I lost the real me for awhile, but I’ve found myself. And I’ve found you,” he said, bent his head and kissed her again only the kiss was gentler this time, not as urgent, although his need was just as great.
She opened her mouth, sampled the edges of his lips as she moved her hands to his shoulders. Shifted them across their broad width and down his arms to his hands. Taking hold of them, she brought them to her waist and murmured against his lips, “Touch me, Jesse.”
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