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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Out of Chances by Shona Husk ♥ Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (New Adult Romance)

Shona Husk’s sexy new adult series about emerging rock band Selling the Sun concludes this month with a story about a woman who doesn’t want to connect, a man who’s forgotten how and the friendships that save our lives.

Dan Clarke knows he doesn’t have a problem, regardless of whatever his band members, his friends, his family and everyone else thinks. Drinking isn’t keeping him from doing what needs to be done, and it helps keep the anger and pain of his ex-girlfriend’s betrayal at bay. If only she would stay away as well, but, since the band’s return to Fremantle, she’s everywhere-on the phone, in his apartment, at his parents’ house-begging for another chance, reminding him of how good they had been together, holding him hostage to the past. It’s no wonder he needs a beer now and again.

Indigo Matthews is all about control: she trains hard, she works hard and she plays hard. Men are for fun, not forever, and she will never end up like her mother, trapped and miserable. A huge Selling the Sun fan, Indigo knows when Dan wanders into her bar that he is a conquest that she has to make. But their connection is stronger than just sex, and regardless of her credo Indigo finds herself going back for more. Then truths about Dan’s life start to emerge, and Indigo finds herself in the one position she swore she’d never find herself.

A DUI, a drunk one night stand and an ultimatum from the band bring Dan’s life to a halt. Picking up the pieces is something he can’t do alone, and there’s only one person that he trusts to give a damn. The one person that he hurt the most. Indigo.

Learning from mistakes

When I’m reading I will forgive characters for many things as long as they grow and change. Some people need to really hit the bottom for that to happen. Dan, in Out of Chances, is one of those people.

However I know that there are some things that a romance hero should never do. It’s one of those rules that the hero shouldn’t be with another woman after meeting the heroine.

The Face the Music series is about twenty something people finding out who they are and finding their way. People make mistakes. Relationships wobble. I wanted to keep that drama in this series, and I knew that Dan would have to destroy everything before he realized what he’d done.

Fortunately he has some good friends who give him some tough love as well as a sympathetic ear.

Indigo, Dan’s one night stand turned girlfriend, has a choice: she can either walk away or give him a chance to make amends. Never an easy decision. There will be people who will say walk, and others who say give him a chance. Everyone’s life experience gives them reasons to make those choices the same as Indigo’s life brings her to make her choice.

She has her own wounds to heal.

In many ways Out of Chances was a very complex book to write because both characters need to work through their issues. But I love writing tortured characters because I like to see them stitched back together at the end of the book. In romance you know that there will be a happy ending…real life sadly doesn’t come with that guarantee.

As she knelt over Dan and took the mouthful of ice-cream he offered her. The gesture was so simple, the look on his face so tender that she accidentally melted a little inside. She liked him. Really liked him in the way she’d managed to not like any guy.
He loved what he did and was fun to be around. He showed what it was like to be someone instead of no one. He made her feel like someone.
It was one thing to think a guy was worth getting her panties off for, but another to want to see him again and again. She was beginning to enjoy seeing Dan entirely too much.
Which was a dangerous thing to do. The next thing she knew she’d be needing him and one day she’d wake up alone and crushed. The future of their dating life and his rising celebrity status flicked through her mind. This wasn’t going to end well. She should walk away now.
But he was smiling as he offered her another spoonful of ice-cream. Sitting here like this felt so normal—it was what she wanted. He was what she wanted in a guy and that was terrifying. The cold raced all the way to her toes.
‘What are we doing?’ Her words were soft, as though she was worried about breaking the moment.
He glanced up, the spoon almost to his lips. ‘Eating ice-cream? Am I doing it wrong?’
She shook her head. No, he was doing everything right. They were supposed to have sex once and never see each other again. She was supposed to have a shiny memory and a warm glow when she heard his music or saw him on stage. Now she wasn’t so sure.
He wasn’t just the bass player anymore. He was a real guy who didn’t shave every day, or dress up when she was coming over. He hadn’t made a single comment about what she was wearing. He’d seen her all dressed up and now like this with no make-up on and her hair in a knot.
They were entirely too comfortable with each other.
‘It’s just weird for me. Is it weird for you?’ She was boring Indigo from Kal, and he was Dan from Selling the Sun. This wasn’t supposed to happen. She was going to wake up and it was all going to be a dream. Or it was real life and it was going to turn into a nightmare.
‘Why would this be weird?’ Now he was frowning. ‘Eat more ice-cream.’ He offered her the loaded spoon, it seemed more salted caramel sauce than ice-cream.
She hesitated then ate. Maybe she was making it weird and reading too much into what was going on. He was enjoying being single and free, even if he was only being free with her. It was nice to know that he wasn’t sleeping with every fan who offered herself to him.
Have fun while it lasts and quit analysing it.
Or get up and walk away and never come back.
They were her only two options. But when she looked at him she knew she couldn’t walk away; she was having fun with him. She leaned closer and kissed him. His lips were cold and sweet, but his mouth was hot.
‘I can’t stay for too long, my sister thinks I ducked out for ice-cream.’ She wanted to stay all night. Her sister wouldn’t miss her.
‘Keeping me a secret?’
There was nothing to keep secret. ‘She doesn’t need to know about every guy I see.’
There was a flicker of something in his eyes. He put the ice-cream to the side and ran his hands up her thighs.
‘Well then, I wouldn’t want you to be late home.’ He sounded disappointed that she wouldn’t be staying the night.
Is that where they were at? Sleeping over? Well, he had already spent the night at her place. She couldn’t hang around until he got bored or someone else more exciting caught his eye. This wasn’t a relationship, but she could easily see how it could accidentally become one. She needed to regain control of what was happening. Not staying over was a good thing.
It didn’t feel like a good thing. And while he kissed her and undressed her, she could feel a distance that hadn’t been there before. She didn’t like it. The fun had been destroyed by a few careless words.


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Face the Music, a contemporary romance series, finishes in November 2015 with Out of Chances.

New SFR series coming soon with Desire to Fall.


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  1. Great post, sounds like an awesome book - thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow..that excerpt! I felt Dan's pain.Men are usually the ones that are careless with words.

  3. I find it interesting to see a little switch in roles. It's not every day that I encounter a male protagonist with a lot of problems and a female protagonist who is immediately set firm and focused on what she believes in. Usually, most books tend to have females be a little uncertain or waver in their choices and decisions, but I love that Indigo is not like that. Right from start, she knows what she DOES NOT want and she knows it well. I find that really interesting! And also, great excerpt!


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