Sunday, February 14, 2016

Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless by Denise O'Hara ♥ Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Jane Austen Fan Fiction with Sci-Fi Elements)

Elizabeth eagerly awaits her sister Jane's letter while visiting Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle Gardiner. But circumstances cause the letter to be delayed by two additional days. The extra time with Darcy changes the course of both of their lives, in ways no one could have predicted... or even thought possible. In a plot twist, you won't see coming, Darcy and Elizabeth find out if their love is truly timeless.

FYI- This book has a sci-fi element which brings the couple into the present. It's written to be believably scientific.

Denise O'Hara loves her family, friends, the state of Florida, Jane Austen, and the Bee Gees. All have brought her so much happiness and times of joy and fun! She has written short stories over the years and been involved in a number of art projects.

She married the only boyfriend she ever had almost 28 years ago and he remains the love of her life and her partner in everything. A real-life Mr. Darcy! : )
They have two kind and loving children who are unbelievably talented.

Her 3 part Life After the Wedding Series are her first Pride and Prejudice sequels, but more are coming. The Complete Collection is now out in paperback! Also, she will have an Adult Coloring Book based on the Series. She got the idea to use her art talents from her Mom who enjoys coloring books as a relaxing pastime.

A Short Story Collection to go along with her first 3 books will be coming out in June 2015.

She is thankful for all her readers who have enjoyed her work and encouraged her to continue writing.


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