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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kiss of a Stranger by Lily Danes & Eve Kincaid ♥ Book Blast & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)

Maddie Palmer lost everything when her ex-husband betrayed her. Years later, she’s rebuilt her life. It’s safe and stable—everything she thought she wanted. Until a dangerously sexy ex-con appears in Lost Coast Harbor...

Gabriel Reyes just did six years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s returned, determined to expose the men who set him up. His best chance at redemption is seducing the straight-laced woman working for the enemy…until he realizes he’s the one being seduced.

As passion ignites, Gabe and Maddie find themselves drawn deeper into the corruption behind the town’s richest family… even while facing the greatest danger of all—losing their hearts.

“I had a lovely night, not that it’s any of your business.” The lie rolled off her tongue.

Gabe didn’t move. “I’m sure he was everything a date could be. Polite. Clever. Though it’s hard to take a man seriously when he orders the butternut squash ravioli at a restaurant that serves steak.”

“He’s a vegetarian,” she said absently, before the full meaning of his words settled on her. “Wait a second. You watched me? You spied on my date?” Her voice rose with every word, and only her desire not to wake the neighbors kept her from shouting.

Gabe shook his head. It was a rueful motion, directed more at himself than her. “I started to. Then I remembered that was creepy as hell and went to the diner. Where I ordered steak and eggs, by the way.”

“Still, the fact that you thought that was okay, even for a second…”

He stood, the movement fluid and hypnotic, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him as he prowled toward her. “Don’t fool yourself, Maddie. I’m not okay. I forgot how to be okay long ago. That’s what you’ll get with me, but I’ll do my best to make it worth your time, if you feel like taking a risk.”


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Like so many good ideas, Lost Coast Harbor was inspired by a few rounds of margaritas. One sunny afternoon, Lily Danes and Eve Kincaid went to a Mexican restaurant for snacks and tequila and left with the idea for a new series. Inspired by their love of noir movies and 1940s crime novels, they imagined a gritty small town full of crime and corruption, where intrigue and mystery can lead to love and passion. 

Lily Danes

Lily Danes used to sneak Harlequin Presents out of the library between her Sweet Valley High books. Before she was caught, she developed a lifelong appreciation for romance novels. After she was caught, she was forced to have an awkward conversation with her parents about the dirty bits.

She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Washington and will make fun of people who ask what you can do with an English degree, since the answer is obviously “write sexy books with a friend” and “wear pajamas all day.”

Lily writes the Lost Coast Harbor series with Eve Kincaid. She’s also working on a few individual projects that will probably come out in late 2016.

She lives in the Sierra Nevadas, where she gardens, knits, herds cats, and plans DIY projects she’s too lazy to complete.


Eve Kincaid

Eve Kincaid has a love of dark chocolate, red wine, noir movies and crime novels that feature a dame. Her goal is to have a full-time job that will allow her to call her collection of fluffy slippers “business casual.” She likes throwing parties and playing hostess. In fact, do you need a refill on your drink? She bets you do.

Eve writes the Lost Coast Harbor books with the awesome Lily Danes. The series is hot, noir-inspired contemporary romance, set in the fictional town of Lost Coast Harbor on the rugged Northern California coast.

When she’s not writing about mysterious women and the dangerously sexy men who love them, she’s probably shopping for books, lipstick, or imported cheeses to complement a nice California pinot noir.

Eve lives in Northern California and enjoys wine tasting, reading, and trying out new recipes on unsuspecting friends and family. She has three cats, but is really more of a dog person. It’s a long story.

You can keep up with Eve’s new releases by signing up for her email newsletter. She’d love to hear from you. Just don’t be creepy about it.


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  1. Oh this sounds fun!! I added this series to my wishlist :)

  2. Kiss of a Stranger sounds very promising. I love all the covers in the series.

  3. Sounds awesome! Where would you like to write from if you could write from anywhere in the world?

  4. The series and cover looks intriguing!

  5. Honestly, I think butternut squash ravioli is a great thing to order. :)

  6. the book looks great.

  7. Brooke, I've never been to Greece. I feel like I'd do great work writing from a balcony in Santorini, with the Aegean sea for a view. I'm more than willing to test that theory.

    And I agree, Melinda! (And the butternut squash eater stars in book 3, Kissed by a Devil.)

  8. You've piqued my interest! Thanks for giving.

  9. Sounds great!!! thanks for the chance

  10. how you come up to start writing this novel?


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