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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife by Julia Kent ♥ FREE eBook, Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

Who needs a SWAT team to escape from their own wedding? Me.

My Momzilla turned us into hostages at our own ceremony, so Declan and I are getting married the good old-fashioned way, just like everybody else.

By calling in his private security team, stealing away before the ceremony by helicopter, connecting to his corporate jet and heading for Las Vegas.

The Boston wedding of the year is about to become a trashy Elvis drive-thru ceremony.

Until the best man spills the beans and Mom, Dad, my sisters, his brothers, my maid of honor, my friend Josh, and even my cat, Chuckles, all come along for the ride.

I can’t win, can I?

Oh. Yeah. I already did.

Love conquers all.

Even my crazy family.

Shopping for a Billionaire’s Wife is the 8th book in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Shopping for a Billionaire series. After Declan convinces Shannon to escape from their own wedding minutes before the ceremony begins, the madcap adventures are just getting started. When the mother of the bride pries their location out of the tortured best man, the whole crazy crew follows the bride and groom to Las Vegas in this romantic comedy from Julia Kent.

“Darcy, I believe you have already met Miss Bennet.”
Elizabeth stood frozen in place momentarily, then she offered, “Mr. Darcy, it is a pleasure to see you again.” Performing a polite curtsy to the silent man with a shocked expression on his face, she was confused by his lack of manners. Does he still despise me so much that he cannot act civilly?
The touch of Miss Darcy’s hand against her brother’s arm drew him out of his stupor. “Miss Bennet,” was all he could manage to say.
When everyone was seated, Lady Matlock said, “Miss Bennet, my nephew has just informed us he is to be wed. Is that not happy news?”
Elizabeth noticed Mr. Darcy’s grimace and was curious as to why he should look at his aunt with such distaste. Was he just expressing his displeasure with the fact that they found themselves in each other’s company again? His curt nod in acknowledging her best wishes only added to the tension building in the room.
Only those of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s intimate acquaintance would recognize the myriad of emotions roiling across his mien. Only Miss Bennet was unaware of his emotional distress, and she took his demeanour as a sign of his aversion to her presence in the house belonging to a member of his family.
Having hoped their first meeting would at least be civil, Elizabeth found herself extremely uncomfortable under his scrutiny. It was akin to the way he had treated her in the early days of their acquaintance in Hertfordshire when they had been thrown together at Netherfield Park and the other social events in her neighbourhood. She noticed Darcy’s hand shake and felt particularly upset that he seemed angry with her for being in his aunt’s home. Was he still the arrogant prig she had known all those years ago?
There was a tense silence in the room as Darcy’s family contemplated his unusually abrupt manner. While Georgiana and Lady Matlock suspected the disturbance in the gentleman to be due to Miss Bennet’s joining their family party, General Fitzwilliam had no such suspicion. He knew Miss Bennet seriously affected his cousin.
He also knew the only favour he could offer his cousin was to remove him from the drawing room. A small smirk graced the general’s lips as the realization of an opinion he had held three years prior was now confirmed: Darcy had been in love with Elizabeth Bennet. The bigger mystery was why Darcy had done nothing about his feelings.
Darcy could do nothing but stare intensely at Elizabeth, though his agitation was noticeable to all by the tremor of his hand and the clinking of his cup upon its saucer.
Georgiana seemed concerned by her brother’s peculiar behaviour. As if hoping to cover up his obvious staring, she began a conversation with Elizabeth. Miss Darcy was normally a shy and reticent young lady, and talking to a relative stranger was a struggle for her, but Miss Bennet’s amiable and easygoing manner helped to ease the young girl’s reserve, and the two young ladies were soon chatting in a friendly way.
As the shy Georgiana made an effort to be friendly with Miss Bennet, Lady Matlock and her son turned their attention to Darcy’s uncharacteristic behaviour and left the two young ladies to become better acquainted.
Giving her son a look, the countess silently pleaded with Richard to do something.
General Fitzwilliam had already devised a plan. “Darcy, do you fancy a game of billiards? We can discuss all the news not fit for the ladies. I have heard enough talk of lace and bonnets and coming out in the last few days to last me a lifetime.”
Darcy, staring intently at Miss Bennet, either had not heard his cousin or had chosen to ignore him.
“Darcy!” Richard raised his voice to garner his cousin’s attention.
Looking up, Darcy responded, “Not at the present time,” and returned his scrutiny to Miss Bennet.
The general walked behind the chair where Darcy was seated. Placing his hand firmly on his cousin’s shoulder, he gave it a hard squeeze. Darcy winced at the slight pain in his shoulder and looked up at Richard with an angry grimace that demanded the meaning of such an action.
Richard glared at Darcy. “Now would be the perfect time.”
Darcy looked at his aunt, who wore a decided scowl. When he looked back at Miss Bennet and saw how ill at ease she seemed, he decided a retreat might be in order. Rising from his seat, he followed the general from the drawing room but not without one last glance back at his Elizabeth.
Once in the hallway, Richard immediately began to tease his cousin. “Darcy, I see that you are still besotted with Miss Bennet. Pity your engagement to Mrs. Wagstaff is so ill-timed.” He nodded back to the door they just exited. “By Mother’s estimation, Miss Bennet is in need of a knight in shining armour. Too bad your shiny suit is already in service to Virginia Wagstaff.”


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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge, and new adult books that push contemporary boundaries. From billionaires to BBWs to rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every book she writes, but unlike Trevor from Random Acts of Crazy, she has never kissed a chicken.


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