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Friday, June 24, 2016

Enchanted Desire by Paul Lonardo ♥ Review & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Erotic Paranormal Romance)

I had my life all planned out...until I met him. Kenny Honana is sexy and alluring. Mysterious. I'd always been drawn to the Native American heritage, and now I found myself dream-deep in a supernatural tribal ritual. Little did I know, his vision quest would involve me in a sexual odyssey beyond my wildest dreams. But when the quest is over...what becomes of us?

Holy smokes!

This was a book unlike any other I have read. It's my 2nd Paul Lonardo romance, and I knew it was gonna be good!

I was interested to see how Paul worked Native American concepts into the story. It's not a topic widely written about in the romance genre (that I've seen, anyway), so that was very intriguing to me. He used the angle of "Native magic" perfectly, and it added a very cool and unique element to this story.

There are definitely some fiery parts in this story of enchanted desire! I don't think I'll ever look at Native magic in the same way again!

And can I just say that Shanna's sister, Courtney, was hysterical! I loved every word that came out of her mouth and felt she contrasted nicely with Shanna's more sober persona.

I, personally, would have liked it if Shanna and Kenny had a few more encounters to build the tension and developed at least some type of rapport before their first major encounter, and the romantic in me would have loved a Happily Ever After ending. But, the emotions conveyed between Kenny and Shanna left no question about their feelings for each other, and I'll take the Happy for Now ending and patiently wait for Paul's next awesome romance!

***I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author***

“I had to see you.” Kenny’s voice boomed like thunder in my ears, making my body shudder.

“How did you—” I could not finish what I was going to say before Kenny crossed the room to the bathtub in three strides and gently put the tips of two fingers against my lips.


The sibilating sound lulled me back into tranquility. He slowly ran the fingers of his right hand along my jawline to my ear and then down the nape of my neck, he did the same with his tongue on the other side of my face. I shivered even in the heat of the steaming bath water. Cupping the sides of my face in his hands, he drew his head toward me and kissed me deeply.

With his lips pressed firmly against mine, I placed both my hands around the back of his neck. He straightened up and lifted me right out of the tub. Naked and dripping, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he never stopped kissing me the entire time, sucking and biting delicately on the soft skin of my lower lip. It made me crazy.


Paul Lonardo has had short fiction, book length fiction and non-fiction books published. Most recently he has co-authored "Life, with Cancer," a biographical book about Newsday journalist Lauren Terrazzano's life and battle with lung cancer.

Two previous true crime titles include "Caught in the Act, a Courageous Family's Fight to Save Their Daughter from a Serial Killer," and "Thrill Killers, A True Story of Innocence and Murder Without Conscience," the latter a collaboration with the lead detective who investigated the double homicide chronicled in the book.

Paul also collaborated with Gina Russo on From The Ashes, Surviving the Station Nightclub Fire, the personal memoir and reflections of a survivor of the 2003 Rhode Island fire disaster that claimed the lives of 100 people is the subject of this book.

In Strike IX Paul recounts the story of the 1999 Providence College baseball team, which learned that their sport would be eliminated at the end of the upcoming season in order for the school to comply with Title IX sex discrimination mandates.

Two early out-of-print novels, The Apostate and Monstrosity, are now available in electronic formats.

Paul attended Columbia College, a film school in Hollywood, CA and studied screenwriting. He received an A.S from Mt. Ida College in Newton, MA and received a B.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island.

Paul lives in Lincoln, RI with his wife and son.


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