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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ancient Script of Lovecontu Audio Poem by Kaitlynzq 💕 FREE Audiobook Offer 💕 (Romance)

Guess what the oldest piece of known literature is?

A poem.


According to The History Channel, the Epic of Gilgamesh can be dated back to the third millennium B.C. (that's 4,000 years old!) and spins a tale of a being who was one-third man and two-thirds god.

Since then, times have obviously changed, but not the desire of a select group of people who take a chance by putting their words, thoughts and feelings to paper and call themselves "poets."

Kaitlynzq happens to be one of these poets, and she wants to share her work with you!


Here's what you need to know:

Kaitlynzq would love to give the first 
20 people who sign up a FREE copy
in exchange for an honest review.

What does this mean?

It means that you will be given the free copy for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Once you have enjoyed it (or not, depending on your tastes),
you are asked to leave an HONEST review at Kaitlynzq's Book Boutique
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The deadline to leave a review is August 31, 2019

(Reviews should be a written statement of what you thought of the book.  
There's no such thing as a review that's too long, too short, well-written or poorly-written.  
As long as it's YOU being honest, then it's perfect!)

That's it!  The free copy is yours to keep!

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The story within Ancient Script of Lovecontu

contains words of

caresses around
as a cocoon of soft cashmere
accompanied by sweet aroma
allures to intimate nearness
remains a velvet kiss

Ancient Script of Lovecontu contains multiple poems designed to connect to form a story like a heart’s breath, and available as a downloadable mp3 file.

An audio poem that is interwoven in the Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu series that includes
Ancient Script of Lovecontu audio poem
Legend of Song de Light audio book
Legend of Song de Light audio play
Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu audio set

“...Oh, actually, that’s how I’m feeling...
A breeze, melodic in pace…”


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My fictional stories are written from the inside view
of a character’s interior heart-that

beautiful, vulnerable, intimate space
feelings, desires, needs, dreams

a blend of

delicate feather ripples of heart waves
needs, feelings, dreams, desires
quiet, gentle heart strings
tender, continuous
soft, vulnerable air mist
circles, weaves to caress
a sonic sea of heart’s breath

Woven into audio books that are recorded in my voice with a medley of music as a heart’s wave into
downloadable mp3 files; audio plays adapted from the audio books, and layered into pdf files like a
heart’s song; audio poems that are multiple poems designed to connect to form a story as a heart’s breath;
and audio sets that are sets of these interconnected stories with elements from each story that interweave
in one another as heart’s wave, heart’s song, heart’s breath.



audio streams:

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#FREE Audio #Poem Offer
This story contains words of caresses around as a cocoon of soft cashmere...
Ancient Script of Lovecontu Audio Poem by #Kaitlynzq

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