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Monday, December 22, 2014

Beast of Venery by Isabell Lawless ♥ Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Romantic Thriller)

Not wasting a second, the moving truck with its crew packed up all her belongings, and she finally hit the road away from hell, once and for all.
At least that was her plan.

Years later; in a new town, with a new job, and a wonderful hot contractor as a husband, an email shakes up the happy life she has manage to rebuild for herself. A life far away from denigrating accusations, cruel demands, and sexual domination.

Now her ex Brian has found her, and won't accept anything less than for her to come back home.
She needs to come back to him. Come home.
She belongs to him. And him only.

An anonymous package arrives at their door on a Friday afternoon and the sense of being continuously watched interrupts Danielle and Andy's everyday life.
The happily married couple begin to realize who is behind it all, even though seven whole years have gone since that moving truck sped down the gravel road and far, far away. Leaving all trace of Danielle's existence in Brian's life.

The night of the restaurant opening downtown will forever be etched in their memory.
That was the night they came across Brian inside their dining room. Just waiting for the right time to reappear in Danielle's life.
The night when he unleashed his pent up rage and sexual dominance upon her once again.
That was the night he took her naked on the table nominating Andy to watch their sexual encounter. All of it. Proving every single inch of her body still belonged to him.

There are consequences to aggravating him, and since Danielle is not responding to his demands, he will come back for more.

With Brian's unstable personality still on the lose the questions remain:
Are they going to stay at their newly renovated house in the south now that he has found her and fight him on their grounds when he returns, or try to outrun this predator once more leaving a tight-knit family and everything they have built together behind?

The waiting game has started.
When will he be back? What does he plan to do this time?
Somehow this nightmare must end, even if it means that someone will get hurt again.
Seriously hurt.
The questions is just, who is it going to be this time?

Beast of Venery is a semi-autobiographical romantic thriller that follows Danielle fleeing an abusive and domineering ex-boyfriend. With the help and support from her new husband and surrounding family she fights his attempts to contact her and touch her in any way possible to get her back into her life.

Who do you discuss your book with?
Interesting question. I like to keep anything about the book to myself as long as I am still writing it. When I start writing a novel, or a plot of a short story, or even a poem, or lyrics to a song I rarely know what the end result will look like. Sometimes I read a short paragraph to my husband just to see his reaction, but at the same time I try not to be affected by it. It’s my book and with that I do what I like.

How many times have you read your own books?
As soon as I am done with the last round of editing I push that book as far away from my hands and eyes as possible. At least for a while. I go into my writing with 100 percent, and when I’ve crossed the finish line for publishing, I need a breathing break. After a little while I may go back and read through certain parts again, to check they really came out they way I intended them to.

How do you feel when starting a new book?
Oh, so excited! I always have a big picture of what the plot of the story will be, but as soon as I sit down to start my writing it sometimes feel as if my fingers are working away from the rest of my body and things I never planned for the story shows up on the paper.

Not only is Beast of Venery vicious and naughty, but also semibiographical. In what way?
I’ve had this story in the back of my mind for years, and I was glad I finally had some time to just sit down and write everything out on a piece of paper. Some scenes in the book are purely fictional while the back story of living with someone trying to belittle you is very much reality. And from that I’ve picked many real scenarios that my characters are acting out in the book.

Is your second novel, Burned Gasoline, semibiographical too?
No. This book is all fiction, which is a nice break from writing something honest and true about yourself. In this my mind can just ‘go crazy and wild’ without having to relate to any type of reality. At least not the reality of my life, possibly someone else’s.

Are the two novels related?
No. They are not related and there are not in a series. There might be future books that will become a series depending how much I love the characters. My third book is already putting down roots in my mind, but I’ve had to halt myself to make sure the second one comes out just as I want it.

What was the main reason you wrote Beast of Venery?
Uhm, as I previously said, it’s been brewing in the back of my mind for quite some time and I finally had an opportunity to write and it all just came out. Watching suspenseful movies or television shows always gave me the idea that my own life could be a pretty good main plot, and then just add some extra spice and adventure to it.

What compelled you to start a second novel so close to the release of the first one?
I simply could not. I’m always thinking of stories, and have to write them down quickly, and the second one was already on my mind when I wrote the first one. Just as the third one is at this moment.

Why do you feel the desire to combine both naughty romance and violence in your books?
How could one not?! When I look for books to read, I need a combination of both and I think that’s what comes easiest to mind for me. Naughtiness, with a hint of thriller and suspense, but with a romantically happy ending.

What do you prefer to write in your novels?
Oh, conversations between characters for sure. I love acting out scenes like that between people. I’ve even noticed I mumble out load when I’m writing this conversations going back and forth between people to make sure they sound real. That’s why I prefer to write at home and not out among people. People at Starbucks might think I’m a loony.

How much do you read yourself?
I enjoy reading very much, and probably get through 1 or 2 romantic/suspense novels per week. Except biographies from people that interest me, I find little interest in books without some romantic heat in them.

What do want out of your writing? Do you expect to become rich and famous from your writing?
I write because I cannot not write. I write for my own enjoyment and if anyone else enjoys my writing as well that is just a very appreciative plus.
How do you feel about reviews made on your books?
I don’t want to care about reviews as they don’t know all the work behind the scenes that it took me do this job; time away from my family, stress about finishing, editing until my fingers and eyes are burning. At the same time, half of my brain wants everyone to love me, which in reality is quite impossible. So my new philosophy is to just write, shrug, and walk away.

Smiling and laughing to herself she picked up her cell walking back out to her car and sen…t a text to the one who reminded her of what true love and weddings were all about.
“Remember when we got engaged and after a month or two you thought I was crazy already picking out napkins for the tables at the wedding reception, and bought bridal magazine after magazine to find the ONE dress that would blow me off my feet?”
“Smiley. Where are you? What brought this on? I remember your dress, what you looked like, and how it felt against my body when we danced our first dance together.”
“Are you flirting with me? And, I’m at the paper warehouse downtown to pick up papers for a bridal client’s invitations. Hence my wedding thoughts.”
“Flirting with you? I guess I am. Who else should I be flirting with? And YOU started it.”
“Nobody else! You flirt only with me. Understood!”
“My babe is always so bossy. If I don’t obey, will you punish me? Please.”
“Hey Mr. Drew… behave yourself.”
“It’s very hard in your company.”
“Hard? To behave or are we talking about what’s hiding in your pants?”
“Yessss, that was a good one. Smiley. And to answer your question. Both.”
“I’m afraid if I text you the words that are actually in my head right now, somehow I will lose my phone, someone will find it, and I will forever be embarrassed. Love you.”
“Oh, come on! My day has been long and tiring. Please let those words slip out. A little bit, please. What did you want to say? Smiley”
“Alright, who ever might be reading this after I lose my phone – I’m sorry, my husband is making me say this. Smiley. Your firmness is always very much appreciated. The harder the better. At any time. In my hand, my mouth… or inside elsewhere.”
“F*&%^*^! Thank you, now I will try to survive the last hours of work before heading home. With a big hard on. Don’t worry about dinner, I’ll pick something up on the way home. I’m hungry for something else. See you very soon. Don’t wear underwear.”
Burned Gasoline
Coming February 1, 2015
Newly single mom Raylyn leaves her luxury life in New York after a cheating scandal and purchases her dream farm in a small town in the Midwest with the help of her mother’s inheritance.
There she meets and eventually falls in love with Jefferson, a stunning but grumpy, divorced, middle aged mechanic, caring for his Alzheimer struck older mother after his dad's passing. After continuous rejections of her staying the night, she surprises him and finds his harboring secret. He’s been afraid he will once again miss out on love because of his living conditions that ran his ex-wife out. Now he’s terrified Raylyn will do the same.
A neighboring farm outside of town shelters mentally ill Sarah, desperate for a baby in the belief she will become less of a social outcast raising a baby and finding a man to share her dream with. When Sarah hears the news that a single mom with a small baby has moved into a farm not too far from hers, she believes it to be an omen she’s destined to follow. That baby must be hers.
“Chris,” she commanded. “Get the hell up from the ground, get back to your stupid life and your girls in New York. And you,” she pointed with her empty hand at Jeff. “Go put some clothes on for God’s sake. Both of you, stop acting like children. This is worse than kindergarten, and I used to work there.
Both men stood up, brushed their bodies clean from leaves, grass, and pieces of dust.
“So, you’re with this guy? Really? You could do so much better.” Chris bellowed, just asking for another solid punch in the ribs. Raylyn let the wind open up her pink robe, flashing her underwear to the two men fighting about her, and placed the fired rifle back over her shoulder.
“Chris,” She said, letting the wind blow her hair completely wild around her head. Lighting a bright aura in the Fall winds. “I suck and fuck who ever I want. And that’s exactly what I want to do with Jeff. Get the hell away from my property, and don’t even think about coming back, or I’ll send a round of what I just shot in the air, up your ass. Got it?”
Without looking at the two men standing there, bent over with hands on their knees, out of breath, on her front lawn, she secured the rifle and walked back up the steps to the front door. Before she closed it completely behind her she turned in her step and grabbed a handful of her unruly hair in her fist. “You go fuck whoever you want, Chris, wherever you want, and fax me the divorce papers. I’m not yours anymore, and never want to be, no matter how much or for how long you beg me. You’ve made your bed, asshole. And for you,” She stared heatedly at Jeff, “Am I going to have to make my own bed today, or are you coming back up to finish what we started? Let’s get a freaking move on, before I kick you out as well.”
The door slammed hard behind her, letting the two men take a quick peek at one another. No one uttered a word, nor were they stepping away. Jeff knew he was the one less screwed in the discussion, and let a small smile crawl up the side of his face before he told Chris his good bye.
“Well, I have a warm bed and a steaming woman to get back to. So unless, you want to stay and watch us fuck ourselves mad, I suggest you leave.” With long strides he was back up on the front porch in seconds, and vanished from Chris’s eyes just as fast.
Isabell is a Swedish-bred tale teller now living in sunny California since her early twenties. She always dreamed about being a rock star and make it onto the Hollywood scene, she even wrote more than one hundred rock and pop songs. Out of the blue she got hit by the big love train and ended up marrying an oil operator and is now happily married and dots around the house with their daughter and two cats. Surviving on vanilla flavored coffee when the days seem too long she has made it very clear that baby nap-time is mommy's writing and reading time.

Isabell's first book, “Beast of Venery”, was published on Amazon Kindle and stays true to her favorite genres: steamy romance and criminal suspense.
She is bilingual using English as her second language, but get's the grammar and slight text editing done by a nice oil operator she knows.

She's currently writing on her second novel, covering steamy romance between two completely opposite characters in the Midwest.
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