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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jenna's Consent by Jennifer Kacey ♥ Fun Facts, Book Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (BDSM Romance)

Members Only, Book Six

Every night Jenna spends hours preparing submissives for their Doms at The Library. She encourages them, reassures them as they take a step into the forbidden and urges them never to settle. But when it comes to her own journey, she’s spent years hiding, trapped within the steel cage of her corsets. She can’t hide any longer.

Nick has wanted her since the moment he laid eyes on her but she’s always told him no. Until now. She agrees to be his submissive for a night but he wants more…much more. He unwittingly brings in the one man Jenna never stopped loving and, on the cusp of everything’s he’s ever wanted, he’s not the only one fighting for her heart.

Ian can’t forget her…his Jenna. He walked away years ago, but not this time. This time he’ll settle for nothing but her complete submission.

Three people unable to let go of the past must learn that love—above all else—is worth fighting for.
Fun Fact #1 – My editor cried when she read the outline of Jenna’s Consent. Not for Jenna or Nick, characters everyone is already familiar with in the Members Only series, but for Ian. His heartbreak and his need to be loved moved her. She cried when she read what I had planned for him. Why he is what he is and why he needs Jenna in his life even when he doesn’t deserve it. Her tears let me know I was on the right path. That was amazing!

Fun Fact #2 – I totally need to find care bear panties now so I can wear them to kink events. In the first chapter of Jenna’s Consent she is wearing care bear panties. Have no clue why I decided to write this into the story but it DELIGHTED me!! And now I totally want to find weekday panties with care bears on them. This is more a random fact but…whatever! I’m still running with it.

Fun Fact #3 – The scene with the knife and the corset? Yeah…that was written for a very good friend of mine named Kitty Kelly who runs the Smutty Kitty Blog. She requested something probably two years ago. Knife + Corset = Sexy Kinky Fun. I accepted the challenge and you get to read the yummy goodness in Jenna’s Consent.

Fun Fact #4 – Laila’s Lies - Book 7 in the Members Only series actually published first. Editing timing got messed up horribly and LL had a schedule of publishing because it was an open call and they all had to publish at the right time. So I’ve been DYING for Jenna’s Consent to come out because now the series is readable from the beginning to book 7. That’s so awesome! And the collar up for giveaway is the collar Laila wears for her men. So hot! And what’s awesome about this?!? When you’re done with Jenna’s Consent and you need another dose of awesome in The Library – IT’S ALREADY HERE!!!

Fun Fact #5 – I currently have 14 books planned for this series. So I’m done with 7 stories, half. Still have 7 more to go. This makes me so ridiculously happy to know I have that many more kinky characters to bring to life in The Library. That’s a lot of kink. And a lot of self-acceptance and love and sex and yummytastic reading for me to share in the future. I’m so lucky!!!
“Run that by me again…”

Yeah, she decided it was worth it just to see Mr. Cool Calm & Collected flounder for a few seconds while he tried to reboot his brain to process her out of the blue answer. His usual smirk reappeared before she could speak.
“You heard me, Casanova.” His gray eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched at the taunt.
He hated the nickname and it made the sting of giving in a little bit easier to swallow. Her pride was going to undoubtedly suffer but she decided to go down swinging.
She’d put on her turquoise corset with floral panels, highlighting her small waist and large chest. And she’d paired it with a cream tutu, fishnet stockings and a pair of high heels most drag queens would be jealous of.
Whoever said that power came in a pair of stilettos was definitely a woman.
“I said yes. You’ve been asking me the same question for months so surely you haven’t forgotten the request yet?”
For a moment longer he stood a few steps away, posture relaxed. Anyone else who cared to look at them across the bar probably saw what he wanted them to see. The unruffled, self-possessed manner that he always exuded with ease. But she saw the darkness he thought no one else noticed.
Thankfully, the regulars probably thought they were having a normal conversation. It wouldn’t be abnormal, since they were both employees. Well, two employees in the private bar of The Library, a private BDSM club in Arcadia, Kansas.
Their conversation was as far from normal as most vanilla people could get and he was as far from calm as she’d ever seen him in public.
His ghostly eyes seemed to scan the room. He probably saw the long bar with stools on one side, the mass of tables in the middle and the booths around the far wall. He nodded to someone who she didn’t know and then the distance between them disappeared as he stepped closer. His body heat enveloped her and the tips of her breasts tingled as his muscled pectorals brushed against them.
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Jennifer Kacey is a mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.
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