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Friday, December 18, 2015

Unbridled Love by Alice Ward ♥ Release Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (M/M Romance)

The day I met Lucas Dove was one of the luckiest days of my life. He was sexy and stable, the embodiment of everything I’d ever prayed for as a young gay kid growing up in small town Colorado.

The attraction was instant and intense. On the edge of insane. I loved him desperately and couldn’t believe he loved me back. We had it all the day we exchanged vows beside our best friends, Willow and James. Our future was bright. We were living our happy ever after.

Until now.

Now bigotry and hate want to tear our love apart. It wants to shred our lives into pieces. Old enemies converge with new, threatening to destroy our new family and separate us forever. And to my horror, it looks like they’ll win.

You met Matt and Lucas in "Love All Out". Now discover the rest of their story in "Unbridled Love", an emotional and steamy gay romance.

“I can’t believe the first races are this Saturday,” I said,
my voice brimming with nervous excitement.

“You and Lucas should just stay in Denver,” Willow suggested.
“It doesn’t make much sense for you to drive up and back for the meeting with
the attorney just to turn around and drive back a day later.”

“I suggested it, believe me,” I informed her. “Lord knows we
could both use a day off. But Lucas has a junior roping class on Friday and he
doesn’t want to disappoint the kids. Our meeting is at nine in the morning, so
we’re going to drive up tonight. We’ll be back early tomorrow.”

“You should come to our place for dinner. I’ll make all your
favorite foods to celebrate.”
I sighed and felt my nerves give a little twang. “Let’s not
start planning the celebration before we know what’s going on,” I insisted.
“For all we know, the attorney could tell us we’re dreaming. And even if the
news is good, it could take years for us to be matched with a birth mother.

Willow held up a hand to silence me, then reached across the
table and folded it over mine. She met my eyes with a reassuring gaze.

“You and Lucas are going to be parents, Matt. No matter how
long it takes or what you have to deal with to get there, the moment you hold
your child in your arms, you’ll know that it was all worth it.”

“Thanks, Willow,” I said, staring
down at Wyatt. “I may need you to swing by my house and give Lucas that speech.
He’s even more nervous than I am.”
“I’ve already got that covered,” she told me with a
mischievous grin. “James is breaking ice for the cattle. When he’s finished,
he’s going to come get Wyatt and pay Lucas a visit.”

“You really think of everything,” I said with a rush of
appreciation. I swallowed the last bite of my dumplings and snapped the lid to
my bowl on with one hand.

“You’re kind of trapped there,” Willow observed. “Want me to
take him?”

I nodded and rose to my feet, lifting Wyatt in my arms. “As
much as I hate to give him up, I need to start hauling hay. I can’t wait until
spring when we can just let everything out to graze.”
“I second that,” she agreed as I placed Wyatt in her
outstretched arms. “Will you still come to dinner tomorrow? I won’t make a big
deal about the appointment, but James and I would both like to know how it

My stomach fluttered with nerves thinking about the
possibility of hearing the word ‘impossible’ at the appointment.

“Can we play it by ear?” I asked, my tone reinforcing my
hesitation. “I’m not sure what type of moods we’ll be in…”

“I completely understand,” Willow insisted. “We’ll be praying
for you. Just call or text when you leave the attorney’s office.”

“I will.” I bend down and kissed the top of Willow’s head before
leaving the office.

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Alice Ward is the author of the New Adult series, RECKLESS.
Reading and Writing romance is her passion and she writes with her true heart. Living in Miami, the beach is her favorite place to relax with her laptop and write her next spicy romance. However, when she is not reading or writing romance, she also enjoys being with her beautiful family.


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