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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cloaked in Secrecy by T.F. Walsh ♥ Book Blitz & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Paranormal Romance)

What better way for a pack of wulfkin shifters to remain in seclusion than to hide in plain sight?

Death has followed Alena Novac’s circus family for years, but when the police arrest her brother for murder, she must rescue him before he transforms behind prison walls. With less than a week to execute her plan, a member from the Varlac family who murdered her mother reappears. Now, Alena has to decide whether to make good on her promise to avenge her mother’s death or risk rescuing her brother.

Enre Ulf has one mission – prevent Alena’s father from claiming his territory and slaughtering his wulfkin pack in Transylvania. Enre may have turned his back on his Varlac heritage, but that doesn’t mean he won’t impersonate one to infiltrate the circus clan and take out their alpha. Knowing that his secrets will lead to his demise, Enre takes the risk in order to save his home. What he never planned on was his wolf claiming Alena as his mate.

Now with the police closing in, and the real Varlac threatening them, Alena and Enre must overcome their pasts to save their packs’ futures.

But who can Alena trust?

Wolf Soul Mates with TF Walsh

In Cloaked in Secrecy, Enre’s inner wolf knows who his soul mate is from the first time he met Selena. Their bond is unbreakable, no matter how much Enre might deny it. Sometimes, the wolf has a way of claiming what belongs to him.

When I wrote this book, I based a lot of my wolf hierarchy and behavior on real wolf packs.

In nature, some wolves will mate with another for life. During their courting stage, the pair can often be seen walking so close they look like their snuggling. During this time, the male and female tend to keep away from the rest of the pack to avoid troubles. The couple sleep close, always touching each other, making quiet whining sounds, their bodies bumping. Even after mating, the couple will continue being affectionate.

I’d heard of wolves sharing a connection when they found their soul mate, but not wulfkin. Mainly, I believed the myth was a romantic story created by females. Except, a tornado was whisking through my veins. Before I knew it, I was brushing away the few strands of hair caught at the edge of her luscious mouth. Shivers developed at the base of my gut and spread through me. Every thought vanished from my mind, replaced by one: getting closer to Alena. Cloaked in Secrecy excerpt from TF Walsh


The tall, broad-shouldered man was branded with two gash marks down the side of his face and neck, and blood smeared his cheek. He wiped it away with his hand as his gaze deepened with darkness.
I studied his stubbled jawline, and inhaled the fresh blood. It belonged to him.
Wind fanned across my back. It had been a long time since I’d faced off with anyone. Father had brought me up to use my head, not my teeth.
“What pack do you belong to?” My voice sharpened, and a growl hung off my last word. Show no fear.
He studied the path I’d taken. “There’s a loose wulfkin in wolf form here, and I think she’s wild.” His gruff voice raised goose bumps up and down my legs, and I recoiled. “Is she yours?”
My next inhale wedged in my chest. Had Mila been caught or injured? “Where is she?”
“Why would you allow her out amongst humans? Are you trying to reveal us?”
Flames spread over my cheeks. “Who the hell are you? It’s not your business what happens on our territory.”
Since we ran a traveling circus, we claimed any location where we performed, though we rarely stopped in places already taken by other packs. Lucky for us, the majority of them steered clear of cities.
The wulfkin leaned forward, his voice rough and low. “I tried catching her before anyone saw her, but as you can see”—he pointed to his recent wounds—“she wasn’t overly friendly.” Running a hand through his short, black hair, he stared at me.
When the breeze bathed me in his scent again, his muskiness almost knocked me over, and my eyes dipped south although my brain screamed, “Don’t!” This wulfkin should never wear jeans in public unless he wanted every single female to ravage him. And the leather jacket did nothing to hide his muscles.
When I looked up, he wore a sly grin.
Heat scalded my body, and my wolf pressed against my insides, whimpering, demanding we claim him. She wanted this stranger? Working in the circus, I’d seen all kinds, but no one had ever affected my wolf this way.
“Don’t flatter yourself.” I refused to allow him to openly knock me off my feet with his gorgeousness. Scratch that. With his audacity.
“Why isn’t she transforming into human form?” he asked.
My hands curled into fists. “I don’t have to tell you anything.” Studying the passage ahead of me, I inhaled the crisp air for signs of Mila. “If you remain here, you’ll have dozens of wulfkin on your trail, ready to tear you to shreds—”
He narrowed the gap between us, his square shoulders stiff.
“Or, you can help me find M ... the wolf girl, and return with me to the pack to explain yourself.”
His ravenous gaze remained on me, searching for who knows what. Every hair stayed in place, despite his bleeding wounds, and a smile was on the verge of breaking the edges of his mouth. Maybe he was only a hungry wolf ready to pounce on his prey.
A train-car-sized load of words bubbled on my tongue, mostly threats, but when a single howl in the distance broke the morning silence, every thought vanished.
My head snapped up. Nicolai. Mila.
Police sirens rang out above the drone of the highway.
“We better get out of here,” the other wulfkin said.
My heart bounced against my rib cage, and I ran past him.
No! Please, no.
The rain, now sudden and fast, drenched every part of me, filling my boots and threatening to bowl me over.

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T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she's always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.


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    Kirsten - Thanks. Hope you get a chance to read it.

    Mai - Such a good and hard question. I met quite a few people while writing Cloaked in Secrecy. I tend to write my stories at my local cafe, and on little character I met and remember well was an elderly man who came inside with his pet duck:) Very cute.

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