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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

♥ Rissa Brahm's HUGE Spring Reading Giveaway ♥

Luck. Lust. Love.

Wedding planner Isabel Ruiz is cursed. Her hometown of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico agrees, considering her tragic track record. Alone and loveless, she creates fairy-tale weddings for others. Her only distraction? The occasional anonymous fling. So to avoid further tragedy, her rule, one–night–only, is never broken…

Until Zack.

Self-made millionaire Zack James is in town for his brother’s wedding, when a sudden spell of depression hits. Maybe burned out by his fast and luxurious lifestyle? Not even his two female companions hold any interest.

That is, until he meets Isabel.

She humbles and captivates him, reigniting his thirst for life. With her, Zack feels more alive than ever. To his delight—and her dismay—they share a deep bond, a sensual connection, and one mind-bending night.

Zack must have her – to complete him. And Isabel must escape him – to save him.

Their game of catch and chase leads to lust-turned-love. For Isabel, it's fate’s cruelest joke. But Zack won’t quit, positive he’s the cure to her curse. Can he convince her to risk everything with him? Or will it all go south…in paradise.

HEA Ending.

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language, and adult situations.

Q - Who is Rissa Brahm?

A - Contemporary romance author Rissa Brahm transports her readers into a vibrant story-world where sexy and soulful journeys unfold.

Q - What makes Tempting Isabel special?

A - Tempting Isabel is set in an international paradise. Zack and Isabel must conquer intense and transforming events that both teach and challenge, earning them their HEA.

Q - Where does it fit within the Paradise South series?

A - Tempting Isabel is the first book in Rissa Brahm’s debut series, Paradise South.

Q - Why should readers give Rissa Brahm Romances a try?

A - With her fresh and captivating romances, Rissa Brahm offers hot, heartfelt journeys with strong, vibrant heroines and sexy, always-flawed heroes.

Q - How can you get the whole series all at once?

A - The Box Set of all five Paradise South romances and the bonus Epilogue Novelette will be rolling out this year... Subscribe to Rissa's Newsletter for first-to-know news and details...

Paradise South Hot Contemporary Romance Novel Categories:

Contemporary Romance Book Series

Multicultural Romance

Rich & Wealthy Millionaire Romance

International Romance

Beach Vacation Romance

Wedding & Brides

Superstitious Soulmates

♥ To be released May 24, 2016 ♥

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Contemporary romance author, Rissa Brahm, grew up in New York and has since lived in all four corners of the United States, and beyond.

The beautiful paradise of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the core setting of her steamy debut series, Paradise South, is Rissa’s most recent and beloved home. Home. The term “home is where the heart is” applies to Rissa’s life more accurately than most, as the full-time writer roves the world with her amazing husband and their equally amazing young daughter, rarely staying in one locale for longer than a year due to the nature of their family’s hospitality business.

And while her years of exhilarating adventure have helped to satisfy Rissa’s travel-bug, she had put off another passion altogether: writing stories. Now, more than two decades after leaving her college creative writing program, she has turned her dream into reality, ready to release her debut series. Readers and fellow authors alike have relished Rissa’s stories and have screamed out for more. Her unique writing voice has been described as gripping and real with light touches of Maya Banks, Jackie Collins and Nalini Singh mixed in—a tremendous compliment to Rissa, who enjoys all three of the great novelists.

hiker-918473_1920 Her debut series, Paradise South, includes five sensual, deep and destined romances, all with captivating heroes and heroines to love and lust for throughout their impassioned journeys toward their divine happily ever afters. The first novels of the series, Tempting Isabel, Taking Jana, and Catching Preeya are set to release in Summer 2016. Books four and five, Satisfying Ali and Freeing Kyla will be released February and March 2016, respectively.

When not writing: Rissa’s second (adopted) child, her laptop, goes with her everywhere—really, everywhere. But when her husband or daughter tell her to pause her fingers and fantasies, she puts “Baby Mac” to sleep to join them on more family adventures. From the heights of the Tibetan plateau, to the pristine beaches of Costa Rica, her and her family’s need for new perspectives is unending. But down time is a must. Rissa also loves cuddling on the couch with her first and only love; laughing to tears with a good rom com (without her first and only love, because he does not dig chic flicks); eating amazing Indian food with a good handful of chocolate chips for dessert; reading good, hot scorchers in bed; biking, long walks, and yoga; zoning out to killer music from across the decades and the globe; and getting lost only to discover a new exciting route home, wherever home is at the time.

typewriter-1062697  Rissa Brahm is a PRO Member of the RWA, and has studied Creative Writing at The University of Rochester, The University of Washington in Seattle, and has attended courses and workshops at Columbia University.

​She loves hearing from her readers! Reach out and chat with her anytime! Email her at, or shout out through Facebook or Twitter!​


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