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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Karen Sandler ♥ FREE eBook ♥ (Romantic Comedy)

The Pen Pal Sisterhood...four young girls, best of friends. Four mysterious fortunes that just might be magical. Here’s Katherine’s story:

Elementary school principal Katherine Tipton is used to dealing with mischievous children. But the problems she's having with one unruly pupil are nothing compared to the trouble she finds herself facing with the child's attractive father. Single dad Steven Walker made a fortune designing wacky computer games for kids, but that won't stop Katherine from trying to make him see reason.

While paying a visit to the funhouse Steven calls home, Katherine is all business. But try as she might to disapprove of his carefree attitude, the sexy creative genius charms her into having some fun. Steve's convinced there's a passionate and high-spirited woman beneath Katherine's strait-laced exterior-and he's determined to win her. But Katherine's going to have to teach him the rules of this game. The game called love.


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My starry-eyed dream of someday becoming a writer burst into flower when as a 9-year-old I wrote a four-line poem about a pony named Tony. In my teens and twenties, I wrote countless science fiction short stories, but my first published books in the late '90s and early 2000s were romances. In 2011, I returned to my first love, science fiction, with the publication of a young adult book, Tankborn, published by Lee and Low/Tu Books. Awakening and Rebellion, the second and third books in the Tankborn Trilogy, followed. Then I switched genre gears again with my two-book mystery series that includes Clean Burn and Hangtown.

In addition to writing novels, I love riding my gorgeous Arabian mare, Shey, and I'm an avid folk dancer. I live in Northern California with my husband and dance partner, Gary, and two cats--pleasingly plump Tenka and formerly feral Zak.

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