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Monday, August 8, 2016

Simple Affair by C.R. Misty ♥ FREE eBook Spotlight ♥ (Contemporary Romance)

Work, relationships and life for Jordan is trying. She feels like she is failing at everything. Jordan trudges on to no particular goal or expectation. All she has is hope that it will all eventually work out. Things for Jordan change when she meets Devon online. He is charming, fun and is a writer. Jordan knows that she likes him but dismisses the thought at first...

Chapter 1

I sit here alone at my desk and let a gentle sigh escape my lips. I wonder how I should start this. I could just make up a bullshit tale of love and romance and being swept off their feet from the hands of their lover, but let us face it that tale is told a thousand times over. I will let you take what you will with this one, this could be a real story or very much just another made up mess. In the end either way I will never confirm so here goes.
2014 was the year of change for me. I was making my dreams happen. I had two goals for the New Year, one to become a published author and two to become a mother. The first of my goals happened. The feeling of accomplishment when I published my first book was an ultimate high. It was freeing and empowering in knowing that I could actually do it and it was even more amazing to see that the book was selling. As I write this, I am an author but the second of my goals is still a work in progress. It was a hard truth to swallow. I don’t think anyone can say that they enjoy failing and especially at something that should be easy and natural. It was harder than I could have ever imagined. I would go through a series of emotions, experiencing the feelings of hope, possibility and anticipation that it could work and then the utter disappointment, sadness and regret of getting your hopes up in the first place the moment it was known that it didn’t work.
I know that not everything in life comes easy and this was not the end of the story. It was the beginning. I had no way of seeing this one coming or even preparing for it. Everything that I thought I knew and that I loved would soon come into question. I am not a bad person, but I believe after you read this some of you will hate me for what I did.
My name is Jordan Connor. I am thirty-one years old and have been married for coming up on seven years to Josh. We have good careers, a nice house and two cars. To everyone we lead a normal happy life. We laugh together, play together, make love twice a week and have no major worries to throw our world out of balance. Sure, we fight, every couple does and it would be weird if we didn’t. As I write these words out here at my desk, it brings my life into perspective that I have done well for myself so far. It seems like a list of accomplishments as I re-read the words and I should be happy and thankful.
When I married, I knew that starting a family would be difficult. Josh has had a bad hand dealt to him in terms of health and to make a long story short he will never father a child. At the time being a twenty-four year old that was completely in love with her husband to be I had no problem with it. I wanted to enjoy my twenties, focus on myself, my friends, this marriage, and concentrate on getting myself established into a great career before even contemplating bringing a child into the mix. The plan was at thirty, I would seek medical help in order get pregnant.
Thirty came and went and I never so much as tried. Back then, Josh had lost his job and we ran out of money. It was crushing to put the plan on hold indefinitely but we needed to wait. Therefore, in the time being I did the things that helped cheer my spirits, I spent time with my mom and dad, spent the weekends at camp with the extended family and did a lot of reading at the beach.
Back then, I had been thinking about it, writing a story, why not, I thought. I had nothing to lose, I could write a better story than the peace of garbage that is on my bedside table that I am reading now, and so my first attempt at writing began and this newfound hobby started a chain of events.

Chapter 2
Making Oneself

I spent hours downstairs in my home office writing. When away from home, if an idea, scene, or anything that popped into my head that I thought would be great for my book I would start a note on my smart phone and save the idea so that I could transfer it to my document when I returned home. I finished my first draft within months, a full length one hundred thousand plus word novel. I had the luxury of being able to hand my work off to friends and family to proof read and help edit. While I waited for their feedback, I started to work on the next steps, which were learning how to publish and market this book.
I knew nothing about marketing and I think that even today I still think I know nothing. Marketing is a mystery to me but in knowing nothing about it and a combination of being part naïve and part fearless, I decided to get onto social media as a way to market myself while my novel was being proof read. I started building my author profile by joining Twitter and creating a Facebook page.
You must be wondering why I am telling you this. What is the point of me giving the details into writing a book and wanting a family, and how does the social media side come into it? I may have lost you by now. I have to chuckle at myself as I sit here at my desk because I am certain that I have lost you or you are now totally board with this story and are about to put it down. I ask you to read a little further because I promise that this will link together. You need to know this because it is important.
To summarize all of this to bring these words back on track. I wrote a book, published it and did all the marketing myself, so what right, so does a thousand others if not more. Bear with me; I am going to bring this story forward in time. I am jumping forward from November 2013 to July 2014. In that time, I marketed myself as an author and gained thousands of followers on social media. I would not classify myself as a social media star but I believe that my online presence was starting to snowball and that summer I published my book. I suppose I could pat myself on the back for all of the hard work and it was. It was a labor of love and this hobby of mine even generated a little extra pocket money mind you it wasn't enough to quit my day job but it was assurance that I was on track as a budding new author and that my book was a good start.
Did I get you back? I am crossing my fingers here at my desk hoping so. We are only a few pages in and this is not the end of the story either. Please read on a little further.

Chapter 3

July 2014 was the most nerve racking month of my life. Finally, my fertility treatment, which also known as IUI, it stands for Intrauterine Insemination, the procedure was happening soon. I was going in for my appointment this month. Josh and I could not conceive and I had to resort to using donor sperm. We paid for the procedure ahead of time, the donor picked and we shared the news with our family and close friends. My feelings and nerves were all over the place. It was a combination of being over the top excited, happy, nervous and ready to start the next chapter.
Both Josh and I drove an hour to the doctor’s office in the city on a warm July morning to undergo the procedure. It is a simple procedure, you lie on a table and the nurse comes in with the vial full of donor sperm. She puts it into some sort of elongated syringe, but instead of a needle, it is a long thin tube that goes into the uterus so that the sperm is placed as close to the egg as possible, sounds yummy right? The procedure takes no more than fifteen minutes and most of the time is spent just lying on the table.
To be completely honest with you, it is an awkward procedure, you take something as intimate as lovemaking and it is turned into an uncomfortable encounter at the doctor’s office. I lay still on the table for moments after the nurse removed the instruments from me. My stomach cramped a little and I was cold with only being fully clothed from the waste up and only having a thin sheet wrapped around my lower half. The nurse left the room for a few moments as Josh and I waited for the time to pass before it was safe for me to get up. Josh held my hand the entire time. My nerves were all over the place, happy, shy and scared all at once, as I stared at the second hand of the clock making the faint ticking sound on the wall across from the table.
We waited two weeks for the result and I was to go back into the doctor’s office to find out if I was pregnant. The thing is I started my period just days before the appointment and I lost my cool and completely broke down, and with it, I also lost that strength and spark that I had.
The morning that I knew that it didn't work, I crept out of bed, clueless to what I was about to discover. In that moment, I felt good, happy and I had to pee so I headed to the washroom. As I wiped, that is when I knew. No, this can't be happening, I sat on the toilet in shock at my unsuspecting discovery, minutes go by and it sinks in. How could you be so stupid Jordan, I got myself excited for nothing, nothing. A tear runs down my cheek and I can't handle it. I wasn't prepared to be disappointed. Minutes go by and I urge myself, okay I can't just sit here, I need to get up. I wash up and head to my room, I can't face Josh; I can't. I crawl into my king size bed and start to sob uncontrollably, god I wanted this so bad. What do I tell him, what do I tell my parents and his?
Josh is an early riser and had been up and doing stuff around the house. He must have heard that I was up and comes into the bedroom moments later, "Hey I was waiting for you downstairs what’s..." He sees my face. "What's wrong?"
"It didn't work." I look up from the pillow. It is hard to breathe let alone get the words out.
“What do you mean; are you sure?" He takes a seat on the bed next to me.
I whimper, "Josh it's too heavy to mistake it for something else, it didn't work." Saying it over again doesn’t help my state and I breakdown again and curl up into a ball.
Josh does what any man with a heart does; he stays and holds me. "Jordan it will happen. At least you know now and at least it never was; it would be harder I think if you had actually lost a child." His blue eyes show concern and regret as they look into mine and he gently rubs my back.
"I know" is all I can say but his speech doesn't stop the tears rolling down my face. He stays with me for a while but it is of no use.
After some time Josh with caution in his voice eventually says. "Jordan I need to head into work, you can either stay here, and be upset over something that never happened or you can get dressed and make something of your day. It will happen." He stops rubbing my shoulder and gets off the bed to get ready.
In between sobs I say, "I know, I just need to get this out of my system and I’ll be fine."
It was hard in the beginning, telling my family and close friends that it had not worked. I got the encouraging speeches; the, it will work next time speeches etc. Hours turned to days, which turned into a couple of weeks, and I got through it by focusing on my writing. I got back to promoting myself as an author and getting myself in a state to try again in a month or two.
At some point, before the weekend Mom and Dad invite me up to camp and I accept their invitation. I could use a break, besides Josh will be working, and I would rather not stay home alone. I look forward to seeing my mom and dad and spending the weekend up at the river.

Chapter 4
Follow, Copy, Paste

Saturday morning I wake up in my mom and dad’s camper. They have one of those goose neck trailers that has a full bedroom and bathroom equipped with a sink, shower stall and toilet, that would rest over a truck bed and stepping down to the main area is a living room and kitchen that tip out giving more space with its open concept layout. I am snuggled beneath the sheets on the pull out couch. Dad is up and is already outside. I can see him on the deck just outside my window, and the coffee machine is on and gurgling as it is brewing, the smell of a medium blend fills the air. I lay there in bed for a few minutes and grab my phone to play with.
I open up Twitter, wow more followers. For followers that I gain I send them a message thanking them for following and providing a link to my book. This morning is no different.
Follow, copy, paste, follow, copy, paste is what I do in Twitter and even then I had no idea what would become of a copy, paste of a message to a complete stranger. I never knew that this one person would make me question everything.
I receive a message back, "Hi there, thanks for following me back. You sure are popular. I write too. Here are my links, here are my websites, and I am also on Wattpad."
Wow, this person sends a lot of messages. I politely respond, "No problem, happy to connect with someone that has the same interests."
He responds back, "I am so proud of my work and I hope you enjoy what I posted on Wattpad."
Oh boy, I check out his links, do I have time to commit to another book right now? I sit up and I respond, "Your book sounds interesting, but I don't have Wattpad. I’ll have to download it once I'm home."
He responds, "Oh, how are you enjoying the weekend?"
I sigh should I answer this. Should I be worried about what I tell this stranger? I take a moment and look at his sites to see whom he actually is. He is an author, he has a decent biography, seems like a nice guy. It won't hurt to share with him a little bit more, "I am spending the weekend up at camp with my mom and dad."
He replies back, "Oh that must be nice, I used to live up north, not far from you, Rochester."
He must have seen the city where I live from my Twitter biography. I answer, "Oh yes, I would be a few hours north of Rochester, so I see that you live in Texas? P.S. Cowboys are yummy, just saying."
"Yep, been here for five years, but really I'm a Yankee. I miss it, the seasons."
I respond, "I love warm temperatures, you are lucky to not have to deal with snow."
"I admit the warm weather is nice but I miss living up north."
I answer him, "Have you seen my Twitter picture from last winter, all that snow. I can't stand cleaning the driveway."
He answers back, "Yes, I guess that would be the not so fun part."
I want to wrap this up but don't want it to sound too curt. I'm hungry, I’ll write this, "It is right around breakfast time for me, I'm going to step away to eat. I’ll have to get Wattpad to read your work and will get to it soon. Have a great day and thanks for the chat."
I send the message and shortly after, he responds. "I’ll take a look at your book too. Thank you and enjoy your weekend up at camp, Bye."
I put my phone down not thinking anything more. Mom is now in the kitchen putting breakfast together.
She asks, "So were you looking at your book sales again?"
I stretch and say, "No just sending out messages to my Twitter peeps, that's all." I get out of the pull out bed to join her in the kitchen, putting some bread in the toaster and make a glass of chocolate milk. The day goes by as planned. We eat, I go for a walk with mom, come back and relax, eat lunch then go to the beach to read, sunbathe, swim and then dinnertime arrives and soon we are into the later hours of the night. The day was a good one and by the next day I hate to say it, but the person that I had been talking to on Twitter I had already forgotten his name. I forgot about the promise I made to look at his work and download Wattpad. I forgot. I didn't mean to, it's just with family here social media sort of takes a back seat to reality. Well, back then it did.

Chapter 5
Rinse and Repeat

A week goes by and this weekend proves to be the same as the last. Josh is working the entire weekend again and I find myself back up at camp to spend time with my mom and dad.
I wake all snuggled up in bed, with my parent’s Chihuahua keeping me company this morning. I reach over for my phone that was charging on the shelf and I make the effort to be social on my social media. There is a message in my inbox that reads, “Hello, hope that you had a great week.”
Oh my god, it is him, the person that I chatted with last week. I recognize his photo and read his name, Devon Chambers, that's his name. I have to remember him this time. It all comes flooding back. I forgot to look at his work, oh no! He is probably going to ask.
I answer back, "Hey, how are you?"
Devon responds, "I am good, it's a bright sunny day where I am. Are you up at camp this weekend?"
Wow, he pays attention. "Yes, just spending time up at camp with Mom and Dad."
"Oh that must be nice. What are your plans for today?"
"I am going to go for a walk in a bit, may jump into the hot tub and sunbathe later, how about you?"
"I am working on the final scene to my novel."
Oh no, we are going there. What do I say? I make up a lie. "I have been having problems with getting Wattpad to download. I haven't read your sample yet but I plan to."
I wait and he responds, "That is okay. I want to tell you something and hope that you don't get bothered by it."
I reply, "Ok" Is he going to comment on my own book?
"I hope you don't think any different of me. There is a scene I am writing, it's an intimate scene and I hope that when you read it, that it doesn’t change your opinion of me."
What could he be referring to; I hope he hasn’t written some really messed up stuff. I answer, "As long as it’s nothing weird like eating each other’s poop, I'll be ok with it. Please don't tell me that it is anything messed up." I reply with a sad face and wait, oh god; there is a pause with his response. I am biting my nails over here.
He answers, "Laughing over here, no it's just a good old fashioned romp in the hay. It's intimate and my fantasy."
I exhale okay good this is still a normal sounding guy, I reply, “Okay, I won’t mind it and am actually looking forward to reading it.” He has me curious now. Let me see, can I get this Wattpad with the weak reception here at camp? I love my phone but at the same time, I hate it because sometimes a simple download can prove to be difficult. Sure enough, I do the search and the application loads onto my screen, wonderful!
“What’s up?”
“I got Wattpad to work. I am trying to find you. Are you using a pen name?"
“Yes, try D. Chambers.”
I find his sample, “Great, I got it.”
“Okay wonderful. I got to grab yours too. I am on it.”
“Thanks Devon, I’ll write a review when I am finished.”
“Okay great, I’ll do the same, I promise.”
“Alright, well I’m going to go start my day, talk to you later.”
“Okay bye.”
Wow what a nice guy. I put down my phone after looking at his profile picture; he is pretty cute. He has short brown hair, brown eyes and a clear complexion. He is yummy with that masculine look to him, he appears confidant which is hot in my books. I wonder what he is like in person. Anyway, it’s not like anything would come of it. I am married. I think he likes me, I can’t put my finger on it but I sense something and it’s a nice feeling to know that I still have it.
The day passes by just as last weekend, like a routine, a welcomed and loved routine with my parents and after dinner; I share a couple of drinks with Mom in the camper. We laugh together, talk and eventually settle down for a bit. I pull out my phone to check Twitter as my mom fills her glass with wine from a box. I have a new message from Devon.
“Hey, I can’t believe the amount of growth in the amount of people following you.” I chuckle; yes I can’t explain it either. I have thousands of followers right now and I seem to gain between thirty and fifty per day.
I decide, what the hell, I will respond to him, “Yes it’s funny how I have so many. I think once you reach a thousand, something changes, well it did for me and more people seem interested and willing to follow.”
A few moments pass; it doesn’t surprise me because it looks as though his last comment was sent earlier in the day.
My mom interrupts my daydreaming. “Hey, who are you talking to Jordan?”
“Oh just my Twitter peeps mom.”
She laughs, “How many do you have now?”
“Over six thousand” I smile after saying the number. Six thousand, I don’t even know six thousand people; I may know four hundred at the most.
She laughs, “Why do you think they are even following you?”
“Oh, I don’t know Mom. I tweet messages every day, maybe they like what I say?”
She laughs, “Have you ever asked them why they follow you? It’s not like you are famous or anything.” She says this comment not in a hurting way. She is being silly after having a few glasses of wine and I chuckle at her for saying it.
“I haven’t, would you like me to ask them?” I stick my tongue out at her.
“Sure Jordan.”
Devon still hasn’t responded to my last comment, but I decide to ask him anyway because I think he understands my personality and won’t take offence. This is off topic, but I find with talking to people from different countries that sometimes they don’t understand the meaning that is intended when I write to them. I know that some take offense to conversations that were meant to be light hearted. Anyway, back to the question. I decide that Devon is my man to best answer.
“Hey, I have a question for you. I am not drunk or anything, well I had a couple of glasses of wine with my mom but I need to ask you something?” I click send.
I look up at mom and she asks, “So what did they say?”
“Mom I just asked the question I think they may be away from their computer at the moment. Oh wait I have a message.”
I jump for joy inside; there he is my Twitter guy. “Hey Jordan ask away.” He adds a smiley face.
“My mom and I want to know why you are following me. We just don’t understand how I have so many followers.” I type it, oh man, if he reads this the wrong way he may take me for being conceited. God I hope that my instincts don’t let me down.
“Drinking are we? I am laughing over here. Well, I followed you because you and I are both writers; I think we have the same interests.”
I smile at his friendly reply, okay he didn’t take it the wrong way, I look up at my mom and say, “I got an answer.”
She winks at me, “Do tell.”
I read his response to her and smile, but that isn’t the end of this conversation with Devon, he asks his own questions, “Why are you following me?”
I had a feeling he may ask, “I followed you back for the same reasons. I try to follow back people who follow me.”
He explains, “I am honestly flattered that such a beautiful person like you is following and you are popular here on Twitter.”
This guy is smooth; I smile, “Thank you Devon, from seeing your photo you seem like quite the catch and about the popularity, I actually don’t get a lot of people who talk to me even though I send a message to them. A lot of them are fellow artists and most of their tweets are just to promote their work, books and such.”
“Why thank you! I’m smiling over here. Yes, I get that from Twitter. I seem to be stuck at the four hundred-follower mark and none of them really talk. You are pretty well the only one I talk to on here.”
“Yes me too, I get some light hearted conversations, but I have to admit that you are the person I talk to most.”
Devon answers, “Wow, I am so flattered. I am not taking up your time am I?”
“Not at all, I like talking to you and I make time for the things that make me happy.”
“You seem like a great person inside and out, I am happy that we stumbled upon each other.”
“Yes me too, well I hate to cut this short, but I am with family right now so I got to go be social. I will talk to you later.”
Devon replies, “Okay, have a great night.”
Oh man, I feel like a teenager crushing over this complete stranger. What the hell is coming over me, I have to put my phone down. We have only had a few conversations and I can’t explain it; I am starting to feel something.
Mom starts up the conversation, “I think Dad and your uncle built a campfire, I see some light over there. Did you want to take a walk over and see what everyone else is doing?”
“Yes, let’s go be social.”
The weekend goes by and I read Devon's work. His main character is a woman. This guy has got to be off the market. My guess is his main character is based on a girlfriend. It has to be, she has too much spunk. I find a lot of authors struggle with characters of the opposite sex but this guy seems to have this girl down pat. I will need to ask him whenever we talk next. Wow, I am so glad that I gave his book a chance and think I learned something about him with reading the sample.
After this weekend I don’t forget my Twitter friend’s name, Devon, sounds strong and he has a fire in his eye, I wonder how old he is? Anyway, back to reality and I return home from camp to Josh.

Chapter 6

This summer has proved to be a challenging one. I haven’t seen Josh much. He is always working, and when he is around, he is cranky, miserable and to be honest I begin to cherish the time that I have away from him. When we are together, it is as if he is always looking for something, anything to argue about, it could be as small as a dish being left out that sets him up for nagging. I hate it, dread it and sometimes wish I could just leave, step out of my life and never return.
Sometimes I wonder if he even loves me anymore. How can someone be so mean to a person that he hardly sees?
Our relationship wasn't always like this. The man I had fallen in love with was once happy and outgoing. He was the one that would grab everyone's attention in a room and make others smile with his silly sense of humor. He was a kid at heart and most people when they first meet him end up liking him once they understand his playful manor.
I met Josh after graduating college at my first job in the technical field. I was training for an entry-level job in technical support and he was a senior support staff and was a mentor for all of the new hires. At first I took no notice of him, well I did notice him because I wasn't afraid to ask for help when I needed it but what I meant to say was at the time he was just another tech guy in the office and I didn't think anything more.
Over the weeks as I progressed with the job, my questions slowed as I got more comfortable with my work but Josh's presence was still as if I was on my first days. It wasn't long before we shared our breaks together. At first, it was just hanging out in the office cafeteria then it turned into trips to the local coffee shop and eventually turned into hanging out after work. First, it was at the local bar and grill but eventually it turned into sleeping over at his home.
Long story short we were engaged after three months of dating and married within a year of meeting. We were hopeless romantics and crazy about each other back then. I wish that our relationship could take a step back in time so that I can feel that passion that we had once more.
Now the weeks are tiresome, we get up early, get ready for work and Josh begins the morning ritual with a, “Would you please do this first or why did you put that there?” It always sounds negative instead of a simple, “Good morning”.
I can’t take it. I just grind my teeth and do what he is nagging about so that I don't have to waste another moment with him. Almost seven years and I wonder how much longer I can deal with this, with him. Should I deal with it? I could leave him; I wonder sometimes what would my life be like if I left? I catch myself asking these questions more often than not. Do I even love him anymore?
This morning we take separate cars to work, which is to my relief. I can enjoy the radio and the solitude. My mind starts to wonder away from Josh as I make the commute to work along the highway. I should write a review for Devon, yes, I’m going to on my lunch break, why not, it was a good start to his story. It turns out it was just a sample of a few chapters, what a great tease. Maybe I should use Wattpad as a platform for others to sample my own work.
Lunchtime comes and I remain in the office. I write and publish a positive review to his Wattpad sample. I wonder if Devon is notified of the review right away. I had better send a message just to make sure he sees it and if he hates it, I can remove it right away.
I send him a message, “Hey Devon I finally finished reading your sample and wrote a review on Wattpad, have a look, tell me what you think and if you don’t like it, I can always remove it.” I wonder how often he checks his messages. Anyway, back to the grind I suppose. My work email is almost full and I need to respond to the correspondence. An hour or so goes by and I check my phone while I take a break for a bit. To my joy, I see that he has responded.
"Oh hey Jordan, thank you so much, I just saw it. Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, what's up?"
"Would you mind if I posted your review on my website?"
"I don't mind, it's your review."
"Thank you!" He replies.
I remember his sexy, smart, and spunky female lead character and get the nerve to ask him, "So, I have to ask, the main person in your story is she based on your girlfriend?"
"Ha ha no, she is just a fantasy girl that I made up; my fantasy girl. It would be nice if my partner read my book but she just isn't interested. It’s a shame. What about you, does your husband read your book?"
My heart stops at his question. We have been talking now for the last couple of weeks, flirting and well, I guess it was honest chatter, so to my disappointment I start to talk about Josh. "No, well he started to read my book but he couldn't keep at it and eventually put it down. It just wasn't his kind of novel. It's too bad because I did base a couple of my characters on him."
Devon responds, "Yes that is a shame really. I wish mine would but you can't force someone to do something that they don't want to do. I am so happy that you liked my sample. I really think it’s going to be my break out novel. In the New Year, I plan to take a trip to Victoria. That’s where I based my story. I’m planning on going with my brother."
"I have been there, you should visit the harbor, ride the ferries and even for me, I'm from Canada, but the west coast feels like you are in another country."
"How is that?"
"Well, where I am from it's a bilingual city, English and French but over there on the west coast you will be the minority, there are lots of Asians."
"Oh, ha ha ha so you are telling me it will feel like I am in China?"
"Precisely; it is funny how you can get that feeling of being a foreigner in your own country. I got that same feeling when I went to the United States, even though I am exposed to American television, being there, it's an entirely different world."
He responds, "How so?"
I answer, "Well for one thing; I noticed that people ride motorcycles without helmets. That blows my mind and second you guys like your guns and there are so many chicken joints."
Devon answers, "Oh my god girl, you are making me laugh here at my desk!"
"What's so funny?"
"The chicken, you are funny girl. Smart and funny and I’m going to say it, even if it’s out of line, you are beautiful."
My heart flutters. "Well thank you Devon, you’re a handsome guy."
"Blushing thanks, how old are you?"
He is asking more questions, I smile and answer, I hope that my age doesn’t scare him away, I have the feeling he may be younger than me, "Thirty one, you?"
"Forty two"
I think I just stopped breathing; I look more closely at his photo. He doesn’t look forty two. "Wow really, you must use some really great anti-aging cream."
"Ah thanks, you are too kind."
I explain, "I would have pegged you in your twenties or early thirties."
"You look younger also. I thought you may have been twenty four."
"Ha ha ha no, I wish. So tell me about yourself. Do you have kids?"
"Yes a boy, well he is twenty."
"Yes I know. I had him young. What about you?"
"No kids."
Devon elaborates, "I love my boy but he lives with his mother."
I ask, "Is he going to be going away to school soon?"
"Yes, I have supported him all his life and will be supporting him until he's of age so one more year. I love him but his mother sprung this on me. Honestly, I had sex once with her and that did it, sorry that is probably too much information."
With everything that has happened over the summer, he has no idea what I have struggled with; just the opposite of what he has gone through. I wish Josh could father a child. I respond, "No it’s okay, I don’t mind the chat. You must have some really good swimmers."
Devon answers, "Yes they know how to find the egg. No problems there."
“So how long have you been divorced? You don’t have to answer if it’s too personal.”
“No, it’s okay, it has been years and to be honest, she just used me. She had a baby to get out of her parents’ house. I hate to say it but she admitted that to me years later. I love my boy, it’s just that I hate that I felt manipulated by his mother. Anyway, how long have you been together with your husband?"
Wow, I read his comment that is low, to feel used by the woman who brings his son into this world, my poor guy. I respond to him, “It is going on seven years.”
“He is one lucky man to have someone as amazing as you. I know that I’m out of line but you are gorgeous, smart and funny.”
“Thanks Devon you are so kind.” I chuckle; he likes to compliment, my man from Texas. I wonder if all southern men are like this. Wow, I can dream and I am starting to picture myself with him.
I sense it; and know the feelings are there by his comments, and know myself well enough to trust my instincts. This man is into me, like really into me and in the almost seven years that I have been married. I have never so much as thought about another man, but things are starting to change. It makes me nervous and the thing is I can’t turn away from it. I want to talk to Devon. We have chemistry and it’s crazy because all of this is just through chat and I have only seen a couple of photos of him from his websites. From the few that I have seen the attraction is on my side too, a southern gentleman and a face that I catch myself staring at.
I come back to reality, okay keep talking to him. At least for a few more minutes, “Tell me more about yourself, I read a bit of your other books and have to ask, do you have experience with guns and combat?”
He answers, “I was a combat helicopter pilot in the Gulf War.”
I think I just got a little wet and I’m at work. Wow, I am talking to a truly amazing person. Where I am from, there is no one I know that has been on the front lines like him and a helicopter pilot, oh boy.
I answer him, “I have never known anyone like you and it’s just crazy to think that you were out there. I can be a little bit of a brat but those positions, combat pilots and serving your country, you see in movies you come to think that those jobs aren’t real.”
“Oh they are real; I started off with fueling them up and then went through the training and ended up flying them for four years. I served twenty nine days in air combat.”
“I have always told others that if I ever won millions I would buy myself a helicopter and a tropical island. Now that I know you have experience maybe you could be my helicopter pilot.”
“I would and would love to visit your tropical Island. You have no idea, I would be there.” He answers.
I smile, what a flirt, wow he knows how to win this girls heart; okay I should wrap this up. I feel a smile on my face and god I am at work. “Devon, I am going to have to drop off for now, I got to get back to the grind. So happy to talk, you made my day.”
“Ditto, okay talk to you later.”
I am just smitten. This guy, I hardly know him and there is something. I am all smiles for the rest of the day thinking about this man. I know that I shouldn’t be but who cares. As long as it’s my secret it won’t hurt anyone.
For the rest of the day I can't stop thinking about Devon. I am curious about him and now I am crushing hard for him. He keeps me company even though it's just through a virtual world and not real life. Wow, I wish he were mine. Maybe I could trade in my husband for this southern man. I have to stop thinking about it. This is so unrealistic. The rest of the day floats by and I am in my daydreams wondering. The evening proves to be another lonely one of doing some housework and a bit of writing. Josh is working late again tonight.

Chapter 7
What it became

I'm not sure when things took a change but over the course of the summer this person, Devon and I, went from communicating and having chats on a weekly basis to talking pretty well every day. The things that I learn about him, he had a military background and at one point in his life, he was even a bodyguard for a high profile public figure. This man is captivating to me and his story is like no other that I have ever known.
Devon was born and raised in the United States. He lived in Rochester until his parents divorced and then he moved around and eventually settled in Texas. He has one biological brother whom he is close to and several step siblings from his parents remarrying. His mother raised them from a young age after his parents divorce. His father was a cop and was hardly around. When Devon was of age, he enlisted in the army where he learned how to fly combat helicopters and served in the Gulf War. He explained that he hadn't seen death but was sure that the munitions from the helicopter killed enemy and explained that out there you don't hesitate, its kill or be killed. I don't see a mean streak in him even though he has quite the resume. Without reading his books and asking questions, I would have never gotten the feeling that he had been involved in life changing events. For today he is a father, a spouse, he found another love after the divorce from his son's mother, and he is a writer and works in the high tech field, a polar opposite life to that of army and bodyguard work.
He is an accomplished writer and a modest man. I remember those early conversations about his books. Devon first made it out to sound like he was an aspiring author but after doing a little digging and him opening up with our conversations I discovered that he has been writing for years. He has received awards for his work, local newspaper articles were written about him. He has done book signings at bookstores. He even has merchandise for his fan base.
He has yet to strike it huge like the success that mainstream authors reach, but I can see that he is on his way. I would have never known and that saying, "never judge a book by its cover", that is Devon. He has never boasted of himself. To me he is a kind, supportive friend. He isn’t fake or trying to gain something from our writing connection. He is just Devon, my friend, champion and secret.
The thing that hurts is our realities, he has a spouse and so do I...
That is the barrier, besides the distance. I used to judge others for their marriages falling apart. When you find out that one was cheating and what not. I would wonder how could they when they have someone who loves them. How do these married people seem to find second lovers when some people remain single their entire lives? Well I now see how. Devon and I were perfect strangers who stumbled upon each other based on like interests. This was completely by accident, please don’t judge me and let me explain. We both write and something that started with honest talking and interaction, soon finds chemistry and attraction and then it snowballs. I know at this point that he isn't an online predator or anything weird like that. The reason that I know this is he has opened up more to me by becoming a Facebook friend. I can see into his life, and view his friends and family and he can do the same with me. He is just a normal man, with a family and network of friends and family and I am a normal woman with her own network of family and friends, we weren’t seeking this.

Now we know each other's schedules, home addresses, where the other works and what we like and dislike. We are starting to know each other on a personal and more intimate level. This is how it happens and I have a husband but right now, my heart wants another, desires another. I can't get Devon out of my head. This is how cheaters become who they are and for me this was not intentional, it just happened. I want him.


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International Boundaries Series | Book 2 Deeply Bound (Book Description) Now Available!

Jordan is on a journey in making her dreams become a reality. Gains in her writing career and personal life are falling into place though not in the traditional manor, she has taken the bull by the horns, and this game of lies that she is playing, will it catch up to her? Can she continue down this path, the rewards are good but at what cost?



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