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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Wicked Halloween Box Set ♥ C.E. Black Spotlight & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Paranormal Romance)


Feed your paranormal cravings!

Halloween can't get here soon enough! Especially when we have this tantalizing boxed set to look forward to.

A Wicked Halloween ~ 
 paranormal romance tales that will thrill and chill you just in time for All Hallow's Eve.

♥ To be released October 4 ♥



A: A Wicked Halloween is a collection of stories ranging from novellas to novels, all based in Salem, Massachussetts. We wanted something fun to write for Halloween and since we're all paranormal authors, Salem seemed to fit the bill! Whether your cup of tea is vampires, witches, or werewolves, there's something in this set for everyone. And how perfect is it that there are thirteen stories?

Q: Are the stories all connected?

A: They aren't! Which is perfect! If you have a favorite author in this set, start with them before branching out into some new names. Each story is sure to entice you.

Q: How will the book be made available?

A: For the first two weeks or so, the book will be distrubuted through all vendors. So if you're an iBooks lover or Kobo, you'll be able to get this book! Afterward, it'll only be available through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Q: Will the set be published permanently?

A: No. The authors will eventually relaunch the books on their own with the individual covers you saw on the books page. Therefore, at some point after three months, the collection will be removed from all vendors and the stories sold independently

Kassandra Darkmorré is hiding behind the mask of humanity, living her life as nothing more than a spectator. She watches, knowing the outcome of the lives around her.

They lived.

They died.

While she was left all alone.

She never imagined one of her hospice patients would figure out what she was or ask for an explanation on her death bed. And Kassandra surely didn’t expect the dying woman to give her something she hadn’t had in almost two hundred years. Hope.

“What you desire most is achievable. You must accept the invitation when it’s presented.”

While on the search for her true desire, she finds the man of her one and only dream, Cyrus Good. The attraction between them is instantaneous, but Kassandra can’t help but feel like something is missing. And that maybe he has secrets as sinister as Salem itself.

And what about Xavier Drago? The mysterious man keeps popping up when she least expects him to. As annoying and demanding as he is, though, she can’t help but be drawn to him just as intensely. It all began with an invitation, but will it end with a happily ever after?


I put on my coat,
buttoning it up to my chin, and threw a scarf around my neck for good measure.
Though the fall night had turned brisk, and the people entering the hospital
from outside all wore matching red noses, I didn’t need the coat. But I liked
the feeling of being one of them.
Seeing my little friend
from earlier that evening waiting on me, I crouched down to get closer and held
out my hand. “Hi again, little guy,” I said softly.
He purred as he bumped
his onyx-colored head against my hand. Smiling, I rubbed my palm over his soft
back. He didn’t have a collar, and though he looked fairly clean I could see
his ribs showing, he was so thin. “Are you hungry, boy?” He wrapped around my
leg in answer, and I laughed as I scooped him up in my arms. “Then let’s get
you something to eat.” I was starving, but my hunger could wait. This guy
probably hadn’t seen a decent meal in weeks.
After a stop at the
grocery store for all the essentials he might need, I rushed home to my condo.
Though in a hurry, I still took the time to fill a bowl with cat food and
another with water. While he chowed down, I set up the litter box, and by the
time I’d finished I couldn’t ignore the ache any longer.
I pulled the blood bag
from my purse, put it in the microwave, then pressed the quick thrity-second
button before grabbing a glass out of the cabinet. Warm blood was much more
satisfying. Before the microwave dinged, I pulled out the bag and cut open the
top with my kitchen shears. My mouth watered as the fresh, metallic scent reached
my nostrils, and a small moan squeezed from my lips.
Careful not to spill a
drop, I poured the thick red liquid into the glass before tossing the empty bag
in the trash. I could have pierced the bag with my teeth, as they had already
elongated, ready to feed, but I had the need to do things a more human way.
Drinking from the glass made me feel like less of a monster.
As usual, I started off
by sipping leisurely, as though it was a fine wine I’d purchased for pleasure,
but as the sweet coppery flavor burst over my tongue, my hunger seized control,
and the glass was empty less than a second later.
Staring at the thin red
film that coated the inside of the glass, I licked my lips. I had the insane
idea to use my finger to scrape off every last bit. Not a good sign.
Feeling eyes on me, I
turned to find the cat sitting next to his empty bowls, watching me. If I
didn’t know better, I’d say he looked curious, maybe even a bit anxious. “Don’t
worry, boy. You have nothing to fear from me.” I could have sworn he nodded
before he stalked out of the room.
Shaking my head, I
rinsed out the glass, breathing a sigh of relief when it was clear of all
blood. “Not classy, Kassandra,” I said to myself. I hadn’t been feeding enough,
but how could I justify taking another’s source of life? These bags of blood
would save a human life. At as little as one a week, that was fifty-two deaths
a year I could potentially cause.
It was bad enough the
donor center was amidst a shortage. The possibility that my necessary feeding
habit would cause issues had guilt eating away at me. But it was better than
taking from the source. I’d never do that. Never

C.E. Black self-published her first book in 2011 and has since published several novels, novellas, and short stories. Though she began her writing career in the Paranormal Romance genre, she found her niche in erotic PNR/Fantasy with her breakout novel, Shifted Temptations. What started out as a standalone romance, became the Amazon best selling Alpha Division series. Though steamy romance, hunky heroes, and feisty heroines are C.E.'s specialty, she enjoys surprising her readers with action-filled plots and exciting twists that makes for a fast-paced read.

Top Five Favorite Things:

1.     Dates with my husband.
2.     Trips to Charleston with my family
3.     Drinking a hot hazelnut coffee in peace and quiet
4.     Reading a good book
5.     That moment when I type THE END


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