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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Dragon's Staircase by McKenna Grey & Everly Archard ♥ Fun Facts, Book Tour & GIVEAWAY ♥ (Romantic Suspense)

FBI Agent Alexa Kyndall devoted eight years of her life to the search for justice, showing no mercy to the guilty and depraved. When she joins a special task force to bring down a serial killer, Alexa encounters the most unexpected criminal of her career.

When a child witnesses a brutal slaying, Alexa’s life becomes intertwined with Craig Pierson’s, a man with his own haunting past. They join forces, only to discover they must put everything on the line in a pulse-pounding struggle to protect and survive.

Nestled in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, The Dragon’s Staircase is an intriguing, nonstop adventure that will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

5 Behind the Scenes Tidbits from The Dragon’s Staircase
by McKenna Grey

1. The story was originally going to be set entirely in Washington D.C. with Alexa Kyndall as an FBI agent all the way through. That wasn’t the only thing to change. One of the primary storylines (now) was an afterthought which turned out to be a crucial element to the plot.

2. The location in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Alexa and Craig explore the cave is real, but the cave itself is not. We changed the names of the towns, but the geographical areas are all real.

3. I (McKenna) spent three months in North Carolina, which ultimately led to setting most of the book there. She thought the small town setting made for an interesting mystery while the surrounding wilderness was a great place for both murder and romance.

4. McKenna’s co-author, Everly Archard, was suggested as a collaboration partner by their mutual editor.

5. Curare is common name for a group of poisons originating from Central and South America, and can be quite effective. After a few days of studying poisons, my internet search history looked like a shopping list of how to kill people with plants.

Bonus: Did you know that McKenna Grey added some of herself to the character of Alexa Kyndall with a few traits she wished she shared with Alexa? McKenna wishes she was as fearless as Alexa. They both have a penchant for working . . . a lot, sometimes at the expense of everyday life. They also both adore Craig Pierson, but for obviously different reasons.

“You’re right, the sofa is comfortable.” Alexa handed him the blankets and shut the closet. “Thank you. My instincts tell me to behave one way because I’m as much a victim as Noah and Maureen. Except I can’t be a victim again, Craig, especially now. The best I can do is meet you halfway.”

Craig could see how tired she was and how she fought the exhaustion. “Then halfway is where we’ll meet. I can’t promise I won’t pull the protective card again.”

“I can live with that.”

He loved her smile, even when it was fleeting and mired with fatigue. The gentle upturn of her lips eased as she held his gaze. All he had to do was reach out and cup the side of her face in his warm palm. Her eyelids closed in a single motion and she pressed against his hand.

Heat and want radiated off her body to meld with his in the air. Craig asked himself how this had happened again. For a man who had been trained to control every emotion, movement, and thought, he couldn’t master any restraint when it came to wanting this woman.

Her eyes drifted back open. “Craig.” This whisper was his undoing. He dropped the blankets and pillow and pulled her close. What happened next could only be described as one soul devouring another. Their lips met, sparked, and he allowed himself to sink into his kiss.


McKenna Grey

McKenna Grey is the contemporary alter-ego of award-winning historical romance and mystery author MK McClintock. Never one to limit her imagination or ignore possibilities, she decided to venture into the realm of contemporary romantic suspense and thrillers. Visit to learn more.

Everly Archard

Everly Archard is the pseudonym of award-winning paranormal and fantasy romance author D.D. Miers. Her passion for romance with an edge led her to explore the world of romantic suspense. Visit to learn more.

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